Virtua Fighter 5 FS Movelist


I know Virtua Fighter isn’t the most popular game here, but has anyone come across a move sticker/slash sheet scan. Similar to the ones posted everywhere for SSF4. Been using google for a while and all I get is pictures of people showing them. I know they are out there somewhere. Any help would be appreciated going to be used for a vewlix.


You mean the marquee for an arcade cabinet? Good luck! I just did a quick search myself: it seems like Sega never released digital versions (the way Capcom did for SF4), and the guys at VFDC can’t find scanned versions either. Circa 2012, at least.

You might actually have more luck with a question like this in Tech Talk, but things are looking pretty grim.


Yes unfortunately VF5 Cabs were not abundant in the states, so finding a good move sheet scan is extremely rare. Best luck is to message people on VFDC in the arcade forums.


It might interest some of you to know that Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown will release on PS4 in the form of an arcade game (with online capability) in Yakuza 6 on December 8th in Japan.


Yakuza 6 wasn’t even on my radar until I read this news. (I was planning to get Yakuza 0 though.)


Will you buy the Japanese version, just to play FS as soon as its out?


If it is anything like the situation with Yakuza 5 and Virtua Fighter 2, then Final Showdown may be available separately a few months later. So, it might be best to wait and see.


Nah, I’ll wait for an English version. I want to play VF5 again badly, but I am patient.

We can only hope. Not holding my breath.


Good news XBONE owners! Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is now backwards compatible!


I approve of the above picture.

Too bad the only people who don’t hate VF outside of Japan are online. *


*fake respect doesnt count


News surprised me as well…
Just wish they had it like some sort of Xbone emulator or some shit for PC so I could start to play on that again.