Virtua Fighter 5 IS online

Now I know that thread title alone will have most of you scrambling for your pitchforks and demanding that I be set on fire BUT I work for Official Xbox 360 Magazine and was sent this press release…

News story on Official Xbox 360 website is here:

Press release is dated for today - not sure how many people it’s been sent out to but given I received it a few minutes ago, I expect it will be spreading round like wildfire within the next hour (so please, wait before the lock and ban lol). I’m sure most of you will be sceptical that what I’m posting is true but you will see soon enough, I guess.

Also searched for a Virtua Fighter 5 online thread and didn’t find one, so that’s why the new thread is here - mods, do with this one as you please but I absolutely promise this is true. So yeah. Virtua Fighter 5 online. Woohoo!

EDIT: Confirmed on SEGA website too.

Sweet… now to get my xbox 360 fixed since they extended the warranty.

this is cool that VF 5 is gonna be online, but it’s kinda bad since that it’s a frame detailed game and lag can mess that up, but I’m sure that they’re workin hard to make sure that lag isn’t a detail or as much as one

Now I’m definitely getting a 360.

That’s true but it will be good for learning the basics and getting new players into the community (fingers crossed). Look at how SFAE boosted the 3rd Strike community, in that regard.

Word. The biggest problem with VF5 is that the community is damn near nonexistent. With online play at least, this game will become more popular. As it should be too because VF5 is such a great fighting game.

\0/ yay

Hot shit. Now I’m praying that DR or T6 will come to the 360 so I can buy a 360 and play all of that online!

The should email Sega and share some info on their technology to see if they can enhance the online for VF5.

If its also ver C then Sony fucked up.

It’s confirmed to be Version C.

It is Version C. But, I don’t think the changes in version C are that drastic compared to what happened with VF4 going from EVO to Final Tuned. I think C is just additional customizable stuff. I could see VF5 getting something along the lines of Final Tuned, but it’s not doing too well in Japan to warrant that.

Also, I think you could patch the PS3 version for version C. That’s if Sony and Sega decide to go with that.

As for the online mode: It’s still sketchy for me. As said before, the game is very frame heavy, so lord knows what could happen. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see the videos. Maybe AM2 made a worthwhile netcode. Who knows? =/

Despite any issues that may arise from lag or code, this is definately a good thing for the series.

Well I I’am the lord and Let me tell ya that it should be all good when this game comes out…I loved the series but I have not practiced the game as much as I should have becuase I’ve lacked the comp to make me play but now that it’s online I plan on playing the game a whole lot more…i remeber at one point i was torney ready with evo (sort of I think) but thats my point I never knew if I sucked ass ya know

Online play and version C! Not to mention small improvements all around.

Good things come to those who wait.

Coffeerox you can officially jump off a bridge now.

hahahah owned.

Duno, I’ve been playing the game for a few months now lol.

This is all really interesting though, knowing that VF5 EVO will eventually be released. Wonder how it will be handeled. Such as release date and cost. I also find it really interesting that VF is indeed online after their list of reasons it wasn’t before now.

Any word on good PS2 or PS3 convertors for the Xbox360 yet?

Also, this line from the article made me laugh. “will allow gamers to show their Virtua Fighter? skills online against friends and foes.” Lol, no one is going to be showing off shit online.

Cool beans. Know I wait to hear if their will be a version C upgrade for the PS3.

I hate to say i told you so but…i told you so. I knew the orginal report on magic box was the truth.

words can’t explain how happy I am. and now I hope Tekken 6 gets released on the 360 (I doubt it though)