Virtua Fighter 5 - Lets setup some games

Suprised there isnt a thread already.

Who has this? Who will be playing? Little gripe, from what Ive seen so far there is no option to rematch somebody, even if its not a ranked match, so have to rejoin everytime.

Connections feel suprisingly nice tho, I cant complain so far.

Any EU players from here playing? Add me: Kneelb4me 360 - I use Pai only at the mo

i tried to buy this today wasnt at walmart :*(

IVe been trying to find it all morning. No dice. How is the USA to EU connections?

I dont have enough money at the moment to buy the game + stick…,but I will definitely buy it.

I got it a couple of hours ago still need to play though. My xbl expired today as well but it will be up soon so add me.

This game ships on the 30th, which means it will be available on Halloween. Of course, drop by Toys R Us… they seem to enjoy breaking street date.

Chipp - Im not sure as yet. The first game I played lagged really horribly, I thought my opponent would be American for sure. After the game I checked and it turned out he was from Australia. Think of that in a positive light, haha. I have a feeling EU v US connections might actually not be too bad.

I had great connections with everybody that I played from the UK, France and a player from Belgium.

Musashi, really looking forward to playing you!

Competition wise, most people that Ive played so far play very basic (like me). People are using 4 of 5 different attacks in a set order, then repeating the same again. Eileen and Lei seem quite popular, probably fits in well with the playstyle I mentioned above lol. Nobody really seems too bothered about being punished for using laggy moves so even tho Im not too good myself, thats how Im getting my wins at this point. Oh and you have to choose your character before you can find an opponent to play.

yo guys hit me up send fr i think i will be playing vf5 more often now loving it yo kneelb4me if i see you online i will send you an invite and buy the way i use brad burns :wgrin:

I’ve actually have been wanting to pick this game up.

Let’s exchange gamer tags and teach me shit :smiley:

what do you mean there is no rematch. that sounds idiotic for me not to be able to fight on if i want.

i just modded my SF Anniv. Stick to play this game. VF5 is pretty much the only reason i bought a 360. i’ve never played VF before but i know its a good game.

I WILL have this game the day of release. And thanks Kneel for the info

What kind of pcb did you use to mod your stick? Or are you just using a xbox/ps to 360 converter? I dont want to buy this overpriced Xfps ps to 360 converter (80$…seriously wtf?).

Yeah Kneel thatll be fun. Im playing some evo at the moment … I think Ill use Brad at vf5 … though Vanessa and Goh are also very interesting…or Wolf…maybe El Blaze :sweat:

I’ll be picking this up the day it becomes available in the US. Can’t wait. I’ll be playing Aoi.

For EU people that already have the game - Is it true you have to quit out of a bunch of menus, including getting out of the online menu, just to change your character (in online play)? Couple of people were complaining about that and it seems like an annoying setup, if true.

Also I heard the game is like Fatal Fury Special on Xbox Live Arcade, in that it gives you the Player 2 control setup if you’re playing online as player2.

I hear you have to create a private session and invite someone, then you can rematch.

Yeah I believe that is true. I think if you create a game you will be player 1, if you join a game you will be player 2 and the game uses the 2P controls.

Arpharmd B is my gamertag.

I’ll be all over this day one, which for USA is Oct. 30th.

GTnYo is my gamertag.

This is something I’ve been pumped for. Can’t wait to get into it again. Had a nice time playing this on ps3 when I had it but now I’ve got a stick and get to play this a whole lot more. See you chumps online.

Course mate, send me and invite when youre playing and we can get a good few games going :wgrin:

i so regret buying the orange box now

I dont know anything about the converter. PCB = wired 360 controller. I simply followed these instructions. Word of advice when buying used 360 controllers be sure to test it before you break it open. I bought two that didnt work before i got a good one to mod.

so far I have exactly 0 issues. I’ve been playingi SF 3 on live with it and besides whiffing alot of parrys & some moves, which i doubt is the fault of the stick because i havnt played on SF3 or onlive in 2 years now. :rofl:

lolol. time to donate some plasma for YOU! :lol:

I will be on this as well so if anyone wants to play a few games just message me up or I’ll see you online.