Virtua Fighter and Tekken history - what nobody talks about

I have been noticing alot of “hostory” videos on fighting games, and most (if not all) of them were missing some things that are really interesting for me as a competitive fighting game player - it’s actual gameplay details and stories about events around the games, and the communities. And I decided to fullfill that with my own verison of this “history” (lol). To start things off - there is my latest video about how VF4 influenced arcades when it came out:

Other videos can be found my Youtube channel, as well as some other fighting game-related videos. I also did one video about Vega in SFV, and I am planning on following to make more videos about this game too. Enjoy!

P.S. my older videos were voiced only on Russiann; I’ve been adding subtitles to them. I started to voice them on English only recently, so forgive me for my crappy speech ><