Virtua Fighter: Not nearly as deep as fans claim


I was hardcore in Virtua Fighter once. Don’t believe what the fans tell you, this game does not have more depth than Tekken. The only hard thing about this game are the motion inputs for combos and moves. They artificially make the game more “deep” by making it harder to move around and do your most useful attacks. (Jacky’s step kick, Wolf’s 7-frame command throw, Kage’s dragon punch combo etc etc) The only thing VF has over Tekken is the clunky side-stepping and the get out of jail free card move everyone has (low punch).


you seem to be roaring mad


I do get roaring mad when I see a game like VF get the praise it gets for being so deep. It’s only depth comes from the retarded inputs for moves. New people don’t want to do that kind of shit. No one wants to learn on-hit attacks or crouch buffering moves or one-frame attacks. No one wants to be called a retard for thinking that kind of shit is hard. This is why no one plays Virtua Fighter


I low punch soo much in Tekken.


I’d stil take that over VF’s fake depth. Honestly, why play VF, when you can play a MAN’s game, Tekken?