Virtua Fighter or Tekken

I think Virtua fighter is the worse 3-d game ever…i wanted to know if im wrong?
TEKKEN is ok but not great.

vf is regarded as the most technical and most difficult fighting game ever made. even people that dont play the game dont argue it. the game gets taken care of so well by sega, the games are incredibly balanced, and they pay attention to the massive vf scene in the eastern hemisphere and fix anything deemed slighty fucked up, and does some truly amazing things technologically in the arcades ( and

bottom line, you have to spend an insane amount of time with the game to even understand very little of the game. the game takes a lot of dedication to just be a below par mediocre player lol

Oh I dunnoo…
Bubsy 3d has to be the shittiest 3-d game evar.

playing VF requires 2 things, dedication, and dedication. It is so deep and complex it makes games like 3S look like shaq fu

tekken is boatloads of fun, is accesible, and has some serious depth.

I find tekken more fun, but respect VF for the monster of a game that it is

Nah, that Sonic Shadow game or wtvr that shit was.

VF > Tekken though.

Onion rings for top tier.

Oh no NOT Another one of these flamebait threads…:sweat:


They’re popping up faster than herpes :wasted:

It doesn’t have to be. . .

Who are you kidding? This is SRK. It WILL become a flame faster then you think. But, to stay on point, it all depends on what you look for in a fighter. I like my games as deep and balanced as they can get, and my friend, VF fits the bill and then some. This isn’t to say that Tekken isn’t a pretty deep game anything(even balanced it sure as hell isn’t), it’s just not in the same league.

Tekken looks lame as fuck. One guy at evo east finals, one hit lead to the same combo… lather rinse repeat.

Oh wait, that’s basically geneijin and rom. Uhh… every game played at a high level is pretty good, every player just has personal bias.

Oh you son of a bitch…

VF5 is my fav.

VF%, but Tekken is not too far behind.

i also like vf percent sign

Virtua Tekken ftw

vf percent signs ok…

i,m going to say this and I don’t care what people think : to me Tekken players say that Virtual Fighter is the worst 3d fighting game because they say it’s to hard to learn and that it’s slow. In my view Tekken is the easiest of the two because when you can execute combos just by holding back and hitting 3,4 all the time ( yall know who i,m talkin about) then you know something’s wrong. Then about the speed if sega and namco made a Tekken Vs Virtual Fighter game Virtual Fighter would win hands down just cause of the speed.

i prefer street fighter: asterisk