Virtua Fighter or Tekken

I play both, but I like VF more. Especially VF2 and 5…

Mortal Kombat Armageddon pwnz all.

I jest, of course…

Or do I?

Yes…I do.


Super SF@ Turbo is better.

Yeah. It blows MK# outta the water.

I make that typo all the time. VF%. lol

Wow, I just noticed that, looks like I started something.

Virtua Fighter 4 is THE BEST 3d fighter period. Way better than Tekken IMO. It’s also the most balanced fighting game around imo. I would say Virtua Fighter is one of the best fighting games. Its definitly my favorite 3d fighter. VF flows much better than Tekken to me. I play them both extensively. Both games are really good, and I like them both very much, but I enjoy VF more and always have. It could just come down to a matter of personal opinions.

Honestly, unless you have serious knowledge of both games, I don’t think your opinion can be considered just. So unless you know what you’re talking about when it comes to in depth strategies for those games, then I don’t think you should be responding to this thread since all you’re doing is giving your overally biased viewpoint, and thus lead to a flame war.

But of course this is SRK, and my words mean shit to y’all. So you’ll continue to post no matter what I say. Let the flame war begin.


This post is especially directed towards all the VF scrubs. Who keep spouting out shit, that are just complete lies about Tekken.

Tekken 2 was a god-send. It’s one of the better Tekkens but man VF changed 3D fighting. It takes a lot more skill to compete too…

VF is nice, but I just don’t have the time to get all deep into it. tekken just seems more toward having fun then anything else. And that’s just fine with me.

I got decent at tekken, meaning able to beat really good players after a few matches, in around 5 days of practice and learning the game. I played vf4 evo for about 2 months trying to get good and I still sucked.

That is just me, I still enjoy both games. I get more tekken comp at the arcades I frequent.

I don’t see what relevance does having deep knowledge of both games have to do with people’s prefrence’s.

Comparing Tekken to VF is like comparing Checkers to Chess. But hey, you can be a really big fan of Checkers; it don’t matter.

None of this matters.

I thought I would fix that for you.

remember this day men

I prefer vf5,
I don’t like the way you can juggle people across the screen for 1/2 an hour in tekken.

LOL yes I did, but the hori fighting stick was all broken and my buttons would stick. I swear!!

Guess what, you weren’t playing against “really good” players.

An example of what I meant by my first post.

Virtua Fighter is hella competitive when there is competition around (which happens to be almost never in the US). The game is deep, REAL deep. Mistakes like a whiffed crouching jab make all the difference between a pro and a noob. There’s no overpowered beast here either, everything has a counter strat. Basically, i like to consider it as the 3D version of ST. The difference here is that there isn’t necessarily counter character match ups (there are, but not so much) as that each character has there own answers for each strat. I think overall, VF really forces you to concentrate more on matches. Subtle mistakes can mean the difference in the game, and VF is good at rewarding players that take adv.

Tekken is similar to VF in that noticing little mistakes like whiffing a jab makes all the difference between a skilled player and a noob. The big difference here is that Tekken rewards a bit too much in comparison. You can literally go for a 7 damage low and get crushed by a hopkick for half-life thanks to the games “crush” system. This is Tekken’s one biggest fault that keeps it from achieving greatness, it’s reward system is a bit imbalanced. Vf generally rewards you with something like a strong elbow or throw attempt while tekken rewards you with full juggles, and that’s where Tekken’s main problem is imo. Otherwise, it has everything it needs to be a competitive game. It’s almost identical to VF in every other aspect imo. In the end, it’s still a solid game. Anyone who questions its randomness should realize that the top players of the game are still placing at the top. The game isn’t completely random, and there is a ton of skill that’s involved with the game. It is 10x more friendly then VF however, but that’s the draw of Tekken that keeps it popular worldwide.

Overall, i personally lean towards VF in preference. It’s gameplay is so evolved and when you find good competition for the game, its incredibly addicting. Matches are fast and intense, and it really puts your skills to the test every single time.

However, i do love me some Tekken, i’ll play anyone in it any day of the week. :wgrin:

I wish people would actually play VF instead of just saying it’s deep. If all the dudes who would always back up VF concerning it’s depth would just stop posting and play the game we’d have less problems with VF as it is in America.

There really was no reason for VF4:EVO to fail, since it had EVERYTHING you could possibly ask out of a fighting game.

#1 Easy to get platform
#2 Easy to get sticks
#3 Cheap price (came out under $20)
#4 The BEST f’ing Training mode ever made, hands down, unbeatable
#5 Fairly balanced
#6 Great diversity in character selection for the technical, easy execution, mind game heavy, or fancy player.
#7 Best single player Quest mode that Tekken tried to copy and failed miserably
#8 Was a consistent port with no problems
#9 It was at EVO when people were playing TEKKEN 4 for christs sake
#10 It was probably the last time Sega AM2 cared for North America, they included high level match videos of top players on the disc, hell if you beat Quest mode you get a beautifully done montage of the Japanese KS tournament. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE HYPED OR AT LEAST MOVED BY THE WORK PUT INTO THIS GAME!?!?

10 reasons why VF4EVO shouldn’t have failed. It had NONE of the problems of every fighting game played competitively or even attempting to try to be competitive in North America. It IMPROVED on everything wrong with the fighting game genre at that time.

Results: Once again North Americans would rather play Tekken… and of all Tekken’s FREAKING TEKKEN 4!!!

Why? WHY? WHY!?!??!?! How can you logically choose Tekken 4 over Virtua Fighter 4 EVO? Tekken Tag I guess I can understand but that was going on a down hill when VF4EVO came out. Hell people were playing SC2 more, which also makes no damn sense considering how many people were bashing that game as well.

Even now as we look back, Tekken 4 and Tekken 5.0 both sucked pretty bad. You have a few people that will defend it but for the most part it’s generally agreed on it sucked. Soul Calibur 2 was hated on when it was out and people praised Soul Calibur 3 till they figured out it was a un-beta tested glitch ridden nightmare. You had a few that went back to SC2 and defended it but for the most part majority agreed that both kind of sucked.

So looking back, we can conclude that Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution basically got shafted by American gamers. It was a beautiful fucking game in a time where bias and game fanboyish for “the cooler/easier looking series” was rampant.

VF5 is out and for the most part people aren’t really playing it much or talking about strategy or anything for that matter. For the millions of times I post about VFDC, activity there is still very weak. I’m hoping on all the 360 buyers (me included, I travel to play on other peoples PS3’s) that will come in when it comes out will get into that game, but that may be too late for EVOLUTION, which would mean VF not making it the next year and ONCE AGAIN getting shafted by American gamers.

I couldn’t agree more. But don’t u see people the dude who made this thread obiously wants people to argue over this subject. I say we let this thread die. How many times has this matter been posted?:sweat:

I like VF games more just cause you can win with anyone, Vf4evo and I think VF5 are the most balanced games ever.

I gave up on tekken because tekken 4 I didnt want to deal with Jin, and then tekken 5 came out and I didnt feal like dealing with Steve and his infinite combo crap.