Virtua Fighter Players on SRK?

don’t blow up the spot kid, keep this shit on the downlow.

VF is cool, I just suck at em.

VF = Best evar

I wish Sega didn’t publish the game.

The VF series has always only had three buttons (excluding VF3 which had four).

I know your post was in jest but I have to point that out for people who might not know.

^ That’s right, VF3 added the evade button, but when 4 came out they removed it again. I guess I kept thinking of it as four since I map another G to the empty button in VF4/5. :sweat:

To do your best you need to learn from the best:


This may be true, however as I said the clunky feeling of the game when you first pick it up is an immediate put off to most gamers.

When I played, it was confusing for me. My friend was very good, he told me theres a counter for everything and an attack for everything. I might as well fight someone in real life.

I like it. Problem is, no one plays it in Alabama so there’s no incentive right now for me to really learn and certainly no one to train with. VF5 is about to become outdated, but there’s no word on a port for Final Showdown.

It’s way better than Tekken.

I recently played VF5 with some friends. Maybe it’s more to do with the fact none of knew what to do so we just mashed shit out, but it was pretty fun and I want to play more. VF5:FS is definitely on my radar now.

wait 4 kof x vf and vf x kof

It is tragically misunderstood :shake:

reason why VF is ass:

  • outdated graphic
  • boring austere gameplay
  • combos are a pain in the ass cuz it’s stance and weight specific. you’ve to watch out for if you’re in an open or close stance and do the right juggles, you have to do this for every launcher
  • tekken vs sf is gonna pwn this
  • grabs can’t be break on reaction but you have to predict it, as in SF4, except that there are 5 different types of breaks instead of one, and to break more than one grab you have to buffer multiple breaks
  • tons of annoying option selects, ie fuzzy guard, crouch fuzzy guard, block and throw breaks, sidestep and block
  • zero competition online or offline unless you go to VFDC to find it, even then the good players would try to avoid playing you at all cost
  • player match can only have up to 2 players instead of 4 like in tekken, and no lobby like in tekken
  • much less popular in japan and korea than tekken
  • zero support from sega outside of japan

i can go on but you get the idea.

Your account is a bannable offense.

oh i forgot one other key thing - vf fanboys are despicable.

FS no longer has MTE. It is either back, forward, or neutral. So only one throw break now out of a possible three.

No more 0f throws.

No more throw clash.

I’m far from a great player, but I do love the series a lot. I always thought it was strange that people find the games slow, since i always thought it moved so fast and fluid. All the moves and combinations etc just flow into eachother and it just feels really slick to me. Not to mention it has a 45 second round timer and rarely goes to a time-out, so the pace is obviously up there with the best of them.

Generally speaking, the only people who have strong negative opinions of the series are Tekken players. And what they mean when they say “I don’t like VF” is “this isn’t Tekken.” Just an observation.