Virtua Fighter & ST


So, I’ve heard people say that VF was the closest you could get with a modern fighter to the overall *feel *of ST. I’m just wondering why that’s the case, exactly?


It is beautifully crafted and can be viewed as art, just like ST. Maybe the only difference is that in VF there is no such thing as counter picking.


I believe 3D fighters are very different from 2D ones, specially SF2 - the original 2D fighter series. For instance, you will not likely see someone desperately trying to retreat due to facing a grappler, or a complete keep away character, or a zoner. The way close combat, wake-up games and hit detection work is different. You will find great 2D games, such as ST, and great 3D games, such as some VF versions. That’s all, IMO.


Fair enough. Let me give an example of what I’m talking about, though:

“VF5: A very fun game that captures a lot of what I love about the best ST fights. You can play your own style, you can win with your own character, there are a lot of decisions to make. Plus the graphics are beautiful! I can’t wait for VF5:FS to come out this summer and I hope it will be there at Evo! VF5 is the only video game, like ST, where I can play all day, non stop, and not get tired of it.” Taken from Zass’ interview (

The thing is, a lot of people have told me similar things recently – I’m just curious to see everyone’s opinion.


I played some VF when I was a kid, but never on a competitive tournament level. I’d like to pick it up again. This is just my opinion, from a guy who hasn’t really played VF5 (for whatever it is worth).

What attracts me to the game is a sort of complexity through simple means. There are only three buttons (half of the six you use for ST): kick, punch, guard. The timer is 45 seconds (comparable to the about 52 seconds on the ST timer). And zass is probably right about playstyle and decisions. I’m judging a lot of what I’m saying on what I saw in the VF5 exhibition match between Chibita and Fuudo. It’s similar to ST in the sense that a good player can probably hand your ass to you if you fuck up in a way that warrants it. I like games where decisions hold a lot of weight. In ST, even a 3-hit combo can take half your life and potentially dizzy you and I’m sure most people in the forum understand the depth that goes into mastering such a game.

it’s quick and “cheap”


It’s up on PSN already just search Virtua Fighter


I consider VF5 a seven button game, as each button combination is its own “button”. There’s P, K, G, P+K, P+G, K+G, and P+K+G. I actually map my buttons so that I have all of them as a button except for K+G. So for me it’s a six button game :slight_smile:

Agree with the rest of your post.


Is there any reason why P+K is listed twice?


Maybe there are a lot of shitty games lately so when you see a rare good game without scrub mechanics it reminds you of another good game?
There are a lot of new good fighting games out there but you need to venture outside of your familiar comfort zone for them.


That was a typo, thanks for pointing it out. Should have been K+G


I feel this too. Its hard to really explain it.

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Hahaha aw man I used to be really zealous and almost refused to play someone in a tournament because he mapped just one of those to a button.

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Reminds me of this other game that was released in 2008 that was a lot like ST, too.

It got mixed reviews.


I used to love VF but everyone I know was like, “Nah I don’t like that, let’s play Tekken.”

So I sort of never grew in the 3D world.


VF (and the old Tobal series) feel similar to ST and HF to me, but I can’t explain why. Immense depth from a very simple premise? It is probably hard to explain why it feels similar.