Virtua fighter/tekken

Hi all, I have one question. Which is difference in gameplay between tekken and virtua fighter series? I am answering it because I have to buy a stick, I know for tekken ideal stick is Korean stick for fast neutral, is the same for vf?? when I see video they seems a lot similar…

in the context of execution, they’re both similar. tekken requires bdc for it to have any semblance of a spacing game, whereas vf needs similar inputs for defensive OSes. both games will ask you to hit multiple directions quickly with neutrals in between to get the most out of the game. japanese vf players use sanwa jlf almost exclusively, but you could probably use a korean stick for vf and be just fine. its not as though top japanese players ever complained about sanwa sticks for tekken, either. some people even get good mileage out of pads and hitboxes for these games.

have you ever tried a korean stick? if youre buying a first stick with no experience then getting a rarer product might not be a good idea. you might hate using it for every other game.

never tried

never tried it, I want only the best for vf and tekken series