Virtua Stick for ps2 hard to mod?

Anyone know how hard it would be to mod this stick?

I’ve searched for it but I can only find people flaming about it being bad, which I don’t really give a damn about since I’d planned to change pretty much all the parts in it.

The reason for me getting this instead of another HRAP is that I’m currently in Japan and I don’t think my suitcase could take two HRAPs :stuck_out_tongue:

Since sanwa buttons and sticks are cheap here I thought that getting a virtua stick for cheap and modding it might be a good idea. That is unless the buttons and stick are soldered to the board or something like that.

Anyways, how hard would this stick be to mod?

Please do not reply if you do not know how the inside of the stick looks or if you are a flamer (oh yeah… this sure will stop them… -_-).

Don’t mean to hijack your topic.

I would like to know if it’s possible to mod PC vitua stick with sanwa parts? I’m not sure if it’s the same as the PS2 version.


the button holes are definitely smaller, so they’ll have to be enlarged. and you’ll have to mess with the stick base so you can mount it 1cm below flush. otherwise, the parts fit in the case pretty well, i’d think.

i’m talking about the Saturn Virtua stick, and i’m assuming they have the same parts. why do you wanna get the PS2 one anyway? it’s too expensive for a modable stick IMO. if you want a Sanwa mod and are in Japan, get yourself a UGame PowerStick 2 Instead.

Powerstick 2 is an easy Sanwa mod if you know how to solder.

The reason for that would be that i still havent seen the powerstick 2 sold anywhere. Everyone just carry the virtua stick and hrap it seems.

Are you sure that the button holes are smaller?
I can 100% confirm that the buttons are the same size so it seems weird that the mounting holes for the virtua sticks would be smaller.

Crappy button layout on the Powerstick 2. If you’re in Japan, get some DC Arcade Sticks (1000 yen a piece tops) and rip out the PCB and go to town.

DC arcade sticks take A LOT of work to mod especially if you don’t have a dremel. i’ve done one myself, so i’m speaking from experience.

and what are you talking about? Powerstick 2 layout isn’t anywhere near bad. it’s practically the same as the HFS2 layout, which is just like the Namco but with two more buttons on the left.

as you can see, you can cover the leftmost buttons with art. if you’re really dumb and can’t stop your hands from punching holes through the art+acetate, either print the art on thick paper/photo paper or get some acrylic and slap it on.

First Powerstick mod:

Second Powerstick mod:

and yes, i’m sure the button holes are smaller. they’re about the same size as the button holes on the DC Agetec, so it’ll take just as much work to widen them enough. AND you’ll have to drill a new stick hole for it. in case you didn’t notice, the stick on the Virtua Stick is placed MUCH lower than normal. take a look and you’ll see what i mean. it’s quite an abnormal placement IMO, and it’s very uncomfortable.

in any case, if there are no powersticks around, i don’t think there’s a better choice than the DC Agetec because at least it’s very good as is. just note that there’s a lot of work to be done in modding that thing.

if you can’t get a DC stick either, then i suggest you try to find other Horis. (HFS2s will probably be good sticks to Sanwa-mod.)

Seen some hfs2’s around so might get one of those.

DC agatecs are plenty, but getting a new pcb is more work then just putting in some buttons that i can get real cheap over here :slight_smile:

i’ve button modded the HFS2 and it’s pretty much the same as the NAmco button mod process. the catch is the stick. i couldn’t figure out a way to take it out without destroying it, so i didn’t push through with it. you said you wouldn’t use the stock stick anyway, so it’s probably no ok for you to destroy the stock stick.

Send the pcb’s to me :karate:

Destroying the stock stick is fine since the stick that comes with the HFS2 is totally worthless imho. However, if it is as you say then getting a sanwa in there might be hard?

i don’t think it would be. i mean, as long as you can take out the stock stick, there’d probably be little problems left. the only reason i couldn’t take the stick out was that stupid part that was holding the vibration motor in. if you’re willing to cut that off, then i’d expect everything to go ok. at most you’d probably have to level the stock stick base and screw+superglue the sanwa on it.

In that case it would seem that the virtua stick would be easier to mod anyways…

not really. enlarging the holes alone is harder than anything you’d ever need to do on the HFS2.

Maybe, but the Virtua Stick is much sexier looking.


btw, you’ll also need a new steel top panel because the stick is positioned too low.