Virtua Stick High Grade & Hori Fighting Stick 3


Well we already know about this one:

But now it lacks the pink buttons and ball-top, yet it still sports the odd button placement from before:

/\ O L1
[] X R1


It has the L2, R2, Select, Start buttons on the top, along with the PlayStation button to bring up the XMB.

And here’s the new Hori…Fighting Stick 3. --;;

It features the standard Hori button placment of:

L1 [] /\ R1
L2 X O R2

Except, instead of the L buttons being placed in the corner, the R buttons are now in the corner.

The HFS3 has the L3, R3, Start, Select and Turbo button / switch on the top, why it doesn’t have the PlayStation button is beyond me.

So there you have it, the first batch of commercial arcade sticks for the PS3, whether or not they use Sanwa or Seimitsu remains to be seen (probably not, well maybe for the Virtua Stick HG, signs are unlikely though).

VSHG hits in Feb 07, whereas the HFS3 hits in Jan 07.


Good god, the HFS3 is ugly… On the other hand the High Grade is sexy as hell, shame about it’s button configuration though… Is the High Grade Hori parts? Because those buttons look like Siemitsu’s… Deffinately picking one up in Febuary…


Looks like Sanwa to me, namely a JLF-TP-8Y-SK-DH joystick with OBSF-30-K/DH and OBSF-24-Y buttons. The very same parts and colors which come default in their snazzy new Lindbergh cabinets as a matter of fact.


If that’s true that they’re the new sanwa colors and officially sanwa they’re a really good deal at $80. The FS3 will probably be a good stick for modding.


That’s exactly what I was thinking… $80 for an all Sanwa comercial stick is a hellish deal… Although, only thing on my mind is if the PCB’s soldered to the buttons.


If it’s a Sanwa Lindbergh setup, then I wouldn’t mind picking that up as well.

Already preordered VF5 at Play-asia, even though I don’t have a PS3 yet. :sweat:


those buttons are black Sanwa OBSF-30. It look just like the one i got.


Thought those buttons were blue…sure they’re Sanwa?


Um, usb cable. So I’m assuming there IS a USB format that will the stick to work in-game? (some reports say there is, but someone here said their usb converter only worked on the dashboard, not in game). Or is it wireless with the usb for charging?

I gotta get my hands on one of those.


I’ve mentioned this before in the PS3-USB thread, but anyway, Pelican and other companies are already making PS2-PS3 converters. The Pelican one will hit stores on the 15th of this month or something, that’s what I got from Ebgames’ site.


the hfs3 won’t be worth it since it doesn’t have the PS button to access the ps3 dashboard. might as well use your own modded stick ps2 stick with usb adapter.

the vshg looks pretty much perfect except for how the buttons are mapped. i wonder why the default mapping is set up like that? hopefully it makes it’s way to north america though when the game gets released here.

on another note, can you guys imagine going to evo or any console nationals with like 3 different sticks? 1 for ps3 (vf5 & maybe t5:dr), 1 for ps2 (3s, ggxx:/ & ccc sf2:st), 1 for xbox360 (doa4), maybe one wii mote for the new smash, and one dc adapter for ps2 (mvc2 & cvs2). i know heads probably wouldn’t enter every tournament (or there might not be that many games) but that would be alot of crap to bring.


You can solve that problem by just bringing a stick for PS2 and bring converters for DC and PS3.

As for the virtua stick coming over here, I doubt Sega of America would bring that over. And don’t bring up what Hori and Namco did with T5, because Sega is a totally different beast.


they are not blue, its gray just like the one in the pic. Per from Akihabarashop said it was gray. The pic in his site show blue but its really gray


Thanks for that man! Gonna get me some now :slight_smile:


So what is that large button next to the turbo and slow-mo switches supposed to do then? Would surprise me a whole lot of that isn’t system menu button…


It’s a turbo button. lol If you look at the advertisement flyer for that HFS3 (which is in that Play-asia link, just click on the picture to enlarge it) you can see that it doesn’t have the PlayStation XMB button, also it says on the flyer what buttons the stick will have and the PlayStation XMB button isn’t mentioned.


I think it’s good that they got rid of the pink buttons because I absolutely despise pink, and I was going to replace those buttons with the new black/grey buttons anyways to make it feel like I’m playing on a lindbergh cab anyways. Thanks Sega for saving me the trouble, you get a thumbs up on that one :tup: . Thinking of using my $15 off coupon from play-asia o preorder 2 of these badboys :badboy: . Looks like they used a simular green goblin base. I think the hori fighting stick 3 looks like trash.

By the way I think Sega had to use L1 and R1 because they are digital inputs and L2/R2 are analog from what I’ve tried when I messed with a PS3 controller at Best Buy.


That’s not much of a reason because Hori uses L2 and R2 on their stick, so I’m sure that’s not the reason for Sega’s choices for button placement. Also the L2 and R2 buttons still exist on the Sega Virtua Stick, just that they’ve been relegated to smaller buttons at the top along with the PlayStation, Start and Select buttons.

And you have a $15 coupon from play-asia? How’d you get that? I only ever get $5 coupons from them. :confused:


Subscribe to their email list… they sent em out a few weeks ago O_O


I do subscribe to their email list, hmm, I’ll go check now, because if I get one, I’ll use that instead of the $5 off I used on my VF5 preorder, good thing I didn’t pay for VF5 yet. lol

ZOMG I got 2 of them, 1 $10 and 1 $15. I’ll use the $10 on VF5 or add something to use the $15.