Virtua Stick High Grade mounting LS32?


Anyone ever mounted a LS32 in a VSHG?

I’ve been looking for guides since I know you need to mod the mount on the VSHG to fit a LS32. However, I’m not sure what I exactly need to do, so if someone could share some thoughts on what needs to be done, I would be very grateful. :karate:


u cant mount ls32 in a vshg stick there isnt any space for it. LS32 stick will stick out too much.


In light of the above, you might want to mod the stick instead and add the spring from an LS-32 and use some tape to lessen the engage distance (JLF Ultimate mod).


Thanks for the input guys, you just saved me from buying an LS32 for this stick.


You could mount an LS-56 but you would have to buy smaller screws or cut the existing screws.