Virtua Stick High Grade - Opinions need

Does anyone have the Virtua Stick High Grade? This stick seems better than the HRAP3 considering it has all Sanwa parts, plus its a Sega product, and I’m a huge Sega fan. Anyways, how does this compare to the TE stick? Is it a moddable stick? Are there quick disconnects for the buttons? Just want your opinions on this stick if you have one, and also how much you got if for and where.

This is an awesome stick. I got my first one for $70 from a friend in Japan.

The build quality/casing is unmatched. As far as comparing it vs HRAP3 and TE. It depends on what you like and what game you’re playing as the VSHG is known to have issues with T5DR and some emulators.

With that aside, this stick is a masterpiece and is well worth owning (along with the HRAP series of sticks and the TE).

If you own one of these then you are doing pretty good. These are quality sticks.