Virtua Stick High Grade Problem

Just got a VSHG. Having a problem with button presses. Quick successive button presses (on any of the buttons) are “dropped”. So for instance if I hit the buttons 5 times quickly, the 5th press doesn’t register. I’ve tested this on two separate PCs (bought this mainly for Mame). Anyone have this problem? Cost a fortune in shipping from Playasia. :frowning:

As I understand a recall was issued earlier in the year due to “timing” issues with input. Could this be the same problem? According to the serial number it’s the version released post the recall…

Do you have an “S” or an “M” engraved on the underside of your VSHG (next to the label)?

I had a problem with my S revision and found that it suffered the dreaded 3 button input syndrome. My solution? Wire a PS1 dualshock in there, then you can use it on PC/PS2/PS3/whatever using an adaptor.

Yup, an “M”.

So you’re saying it’s a problem with the usb connection being designed for PS3 and replacing it and using an adaptor will solve it?

Makes you wonder what Sega actually “fixed” when they recalled these sticks …! :rofl:

I doubt it’s a problem with the VSHG being designed for PS3 (unlikely, when people say they have problems playing T5:DR with it), all I know is that if the PCB is the problem, and one option is to get rid of it. I only suggested replacing the PCB with a PS1 dualshock because that’s what I did, and it now allows me to use the stick on just about any machine I want, the right adaptor permitting. Check on controller adaptor compatability thread to see what adaptors allow you to use a PS1 controller on PC/PS3 lagfree. Another possibility would be to make project boxes.

Can’t say I’m that keen on dismantling something I’ve had for a day, but nonetheless thanks for the suggestions. Any links that deal specifically with VSHG wiring?

Yea that’s my only gripe with the VSHG.

I love it so much, but if I can’t use it for Tekken, then it won’t leave it’s box. :confused:

Right here.

Thanks again.

Got a couple of USB MS sidewinders lying about. I gather it’s just a case of matching the wires to points on the gamepad’s pcb? Ground to ground etc
I’ll wait for a response from PlayAsia…but having to pay that shipping again sure doesn’t float my boat, so I’m left with little alternative. :annoy: