Virtua Stick High Grade vs. Mad Catz TE?


I’ve been using my Mad Catz TE for a while now with an octo gate and ball top, and I’ve been loving it. Last month, though, I got a chance to play with a Virtua Stick High Grade and I really enjoyed it. Something about it just felt more responsive to me, I had an easier time with my execution.

When I took a look at the parts, though, it looks like the VS and my TE are nearly identical. The only difference I can see is that the joystick on a VS is listed as “Sanwa JLF-TP8Y-SK,” and a TE is “Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK.” The only difference in model number is a letter T, though, and I can’t even find the TP8Y on any sites, so I’m inclined to think that they’re the same thing.

So both seem to have the same Sanwa parts, and with my octo gate and ball top they are virtually the same stick. Is there a difference I’m overlooking here? Maybe the weight of the Virtua Stick was affecting my play?

Thanks for any help/advice.


You’re overlooking the sexiness of the VSHG. They both use Sanwa parts.


The TE uses the Vewlix button layout, while the VSHG uses the Astro City button layout. Could this be the reason it felt different to you? I have used both layouts, but my execution seems to be better with an Astro City 6-button layout. Also, you said the TE you were using had an octagonal gate. The VSHG comes stock with a square gate, which would also make it feel different. Hope this helps! :shy:


Not really besides shape and button layout. Could just be mental.


Shortly after I posted I noticed that the VSHG comes indeed come with a square, though the one I used most definitely had an octo. Maybe some other mods were made?

Aside from the 6-button vs. 8-button, are there any other differences between the layouts? They look similar to me otherwise.

Sounds like it’s just a mental thing for me, maybe it’s the weight of the base. Thanks for the help guys!


Vewlix on top, Astro on bottom.


It’s not just you.

In our community, there are dozens of TEs and just 1 VSHG.
Given the chance, ANYONE will jump on that VSHG.
Even Seimitsu users.


Oh wow, that’s quite different from what I thought. Thanks!

Argh, might want to pick one of these up.


Or you could get one of these when their available Voltech Arcade Sticks I call it the VAS-T.E. the best of both worlds is getting better :wink:


^ That, or you can order a replacement plexi with Astro layout from Art’s hobbies.


How about VAS-FTW [Fate of Two Worlds] =D


Haha nice! So the point is you got plenty of options :wink: