Virtua Stick High Grade

Does anybody know anything about the Virtua Stick High Grade by Sega?

I’d like to know if anybody here has used one firsthand and how decent it is…

It’s the best commercial stick ever made.

Only flaw is the button layout for non-VF players. But that can be fixed easy because it is that godly of a stick.

I feel nice today

Its a great stick,
layout is a little unorthodox


as opposed to common layouts


so its default for Virtua Fighter 5 but youll have to remap the buttons in the game menu for any other game

or open it up and re wire it

It does use quick disconnects, and all sanwa, (stick and buttons)

and they can be easily changeed

Case is pretty heavy and sturdy


oh and it works on PC

seee mods can be nice too guys :wink:

wow, quick reply…thanks guys!

I guess I should have specified that I don’t even have a PS3…my only interest in getting this is for Mame…i recently got the X-Arcade (I didn’t know what i was doing) and there was lag…it was a piece of crap…

will the VSHG have any lag with Mame playing? Also, is there a better stick you guys recommend for Mame playing, or is this the best one?

I play things like Killer Instinct and Street Fighter, as well as lots of old school arcade games like Pang, etc…so it’s basically an arcade stick for mame games in general i’m looking for…

Thanks again!!

theres no lag for pc AFAIK

or you can get a hrap3

or just about any stick wired for ps1/2 and get a pelican ps2->ps3 converter for $15

from what i hear the first release couldn’t detect 3+ buttons pressed at once well, does the post-recall one fix that?

and if the problem only applies to tekken then i’m down with that, it’s all about kof here

The only flaw for me is that is not Seimitsu. Shoo, does it still have the problem with 3 or more button presses at once in Tekken 5: DR?

Shoo, wouldn’t adapters introduce lag?

this thread would know better, judging from some of the stuff in there it’s apparently possible that adapters can be lag-free or at least have too little lag for it to matter

still wondering about the 3-button thing with the VSHG though

the one i mentioned won’t

In that regard, is there a decent PS1/2 arcade stick that is still available for purchase? I mentioned the VSHG as it is still being produced…

you can still find HRAP1’s or 2’s going on ebay and in the trading post these days; the HRAP2 was discontinued a while ago but they’re gonna be puttin’ out a rerelease on sept. 27 to go along with arcana heart or whatever it’s called, take a look on somewhere like play-asia

Thanks for all the help everybody!

I got my S series revision of the VSHG a couple of weeks back and tried it on my PC and found doing lariats in ST and A3 on Mame incredibly inconsistent (like they were only coming out once every 3 times). When I tried using a PS1 DS or HRAP lariats were far, far more consistent. I noticed Cheesey was having complaints with his S series VSHG here, so I’m starting to wonder whether it is just the S revisions, or whether the Ms also still have this problem? If any M revision owners are reading, I’d be interested to hear what you have to say!