Virtua Stick HSS-0136 hi res art?


I’ve got one of these sticks modified with full Sanwa and it’s great, but it has a bit of water damage to the art.

I’d like to try replacing it with either lamilabel or some sort of vinyl print.

Does anyone have a hi res file of the original artwork? 600 dpi is preferred but 300 would be ok.

I tried looking around the forum but I didn’t see anything, and the search function’s time limit is obnoxious when I get a partial page load and can’t refresh.

Please note that I’m not looking for a blank template, I need a hi-res scan or vector file of the actual artwork.

there ya go


Very cool, thank you! Some of it isn’t completely accurate but I can work with this.

If anyone can make a hi-res scan of this I’d still be interested.