Virtua Stick Mod (Many Pics)

First things first
1.Plexi and most anime art covered sticks are too easy and kinda gay.
2.Plastic Weld was used with plastic shims over unused button holes and to fill old cord/db25 cut outs, then glazed with Bondo. (*Never solely use Bondo to fill big cavities) *
3.JB Weld was used with steel cutouts to fill button hole and old stck mount holes and then glazed with Bondo. (*Never solely use JB Weld to fill big cavities or support stressfully used items) *
4. Sem high build primer, Sem Medium smoke bumper paint, Sem plastic prep, PPG in a can (Infiniti Beryllium C16), and Duplcolor clear were all used.
5.Buttons and stick will be install n 2-weeks to give paint time to cure and after a cut and buff.

i like the original button wise. your colors are cool

2wks? wow. the one concern i always had with using paint/clear was longevity. the surface will be subject to both oil & rubbing due to your hands (unless you’ve got some crazy grip). maybe after 2wks it will be up for the long term abuse. i do like the colors though.

Man that looks awesome…

I’m very tempted to install the buttons and stick but, I gotta show restraint.
Buttons and stick are sourced from my VSHG so they match the smoke gray exterior quite nicely.

The fingernail test tells me the paint still hasn’t cured:sad:

Almost does count

Finished buffing

White powder coated bottom

Future PCB is still unknown

CHiLLin’ wit da’ h0mies

sweeeeeeet :tup:

Final Update

VSHG pcb installed and bottom mounted start button.

That is pretty sick I gotta admit. Also, those colors on your VHSG are the same ones as the HRAP3 I think? So does that mean you have an HRAP3 out of one of the other 3 sticks you showed, or did you just pick those colors?

That is an awesome mod! Great Job!

wow, great work!

It’s the pcb and with wires intact, removed from a VSHG.

Rad screen name:looney:


Cool (Y) !!!

Good pics

i have a dc controller i painted yellow YEARS ago. still in the exact same condition as the day i painted it. and that’s afters crazy amounts of sonic adventure 2 sessions.

on topic- the high grade is my all time fav stick (design wise). are you going to paint that?

I have a VS that i want to mod so bad but not sure wear to start or if i really want to do it at all.

Now that’s a good job…

Is the stock stick in this unit really a Seimitsu LS-55? Or is that true only for the Virtua Stick Pro (HSS-0130)?

Nope. If I remember right, the stock stick was made by Ascii. I did read that the HSS-0130 had the Seimitsu.

P.S., my stick was originally a HSS-0151 Twin Stick

Nope the stock stick is NOT a Seimitsu LS-55

The stock sticks just some ASCII stick, which for a stick stick doesn’t feel too bad.