Virtua Stick ps2 spring

Hello. I own a virtua stick for ps2(the one with the really creative layout) and I was wondering if anyone knows what sort of spring I could fit into the weird seimitsu stick. The current one is really stiff. Thanks!

The stick is generally a Seimitsu LS-56-01; checking Slagcoin it seems that he doesn’t recommend any off-the-shelf springs to put in.

Maybe swap it out for LS-55 or LS-33?

Do you mean swap the entire stick or the spring? Swapping the entire stick is basically impossible/bad idea

If the PS2 virtua stick uses a MS mounting plate, an ls-55 usually can be dropped right in as a replacement. Using a LS33 base with a ls 56 shaft might allow you to add in the ls-55 spring.

You could try to get a box of springs from the Home depot. Pull the spring out of your ls-56 and take it with you when you go to home depot. You will have to cut the home depot spring to adjust tension.

Naw trust me the stick in the virtua stick is a freak of nature. The bolts are underneath the top artwork so there’s no way to get in that and switch stuff or else i would. The stick is an ls-33-01, which from what i understand, is discontinued. It’s an ls33 with a wiring harness and a pcb and a crazy tight spring. I was also thinking of going the hardware store route if there wasn’t a more legit way

I can confirm the LS-33-01 isn’t in production.

I’ve checked for it on all the arcade parts sites (, LizardLick, Akihabarashop, etc.) and NOBODY has them anymore!

It’s just LS-33 and all the other Seimitsus.

One of the JLW’s also got discontinued, too…

I’m starting to think this is essentially just an ls-56-01. Is there any way to make that feel more jlf-like?

If you want an ls33-01 get an ls33 and get the pcb off an ls-56. Put them together and you got it.

You could get a JLF spring and replace it with that I guess.

You will need to replace it with a JLF to get a JLF feel. It is a very different stick.

I’ve got one of those PS2 Virtua Sticks.

It isn’t actually a LS-33. It’s a LS-56 with a LS-33 shaft (shorter shaft so they can mount it straight to the top plate).

All parts are LS-56 except the shaft, hence the stronger LS-56 spring. It does say LS-33-01 on the pcb, but the LS55/56 both use those “LS-33-01” pcbs.

No other sanwa/seimitsu springs are swapable for a LS-56 spring. The LS-56 spring is smaller, the other springs won’t fit in the LS-56 actuator.

The stock buttons are Seimitsu PS-15s btw.

I didn’t want to come in to correct you guys before.
But Doveston is right.

Yeah I actually tried to put a LS33 actuator in a LS-56-01, so I could use a LS-55 spring but the LS-33 actuator is too big and doesn’t fit inside the LS-56. The widened spring holder actually is in the same spot as the LS-56 levers and needs to go up higher. Basically I was thinking that if you replaced the LS-56 body with the LS-33 body and put the PCB in it might work out, but I am not too sure about what actuator you will have to use or how the LS-56 is mounted. Last ditch resort is to buy a LS-56 spring and cook it in a BBQ grill with hot coals to weaken it. Or cut a home depot spring, the problem is one of the ends will not be flat and provide uneven tension.

Or… get used to it?
I love my LS-56; if I could fit it in my VSHG I would.

I <3 double posts

Yeah but sooo much tension isn’t my cup of tea. Thanks for setting everything straight Doveston