Virtua Stick question

This is the inside of the stick.

I would like to know if it would be possible to hook up a PlayStation controller pad so that I can use the alright stock stick on my PS2, or even my Mayflash PCB.

Thanks in advance.

It appears to be common ground, so it should work. The start button might be difficult if the button directly presses on it. I am guessing that is the saturn vitua stick from the white saturn behind it.

I would reroute the start and select button to the top or side of the case.

I regret not picking one of those up off of NCSX a few years back.

I was thinking of just shoving a Dual Shock/Mayflash PCB in, removing the Saturn internals. Not too bothered about it working on Saturn anymore due to only having VF2. lol

I’d probably hook Select/Start up to L/R on the front.

Would it be possible to hook up the start button on the Saturn stick to the Dual Shock/Mayflash PCB as the Start button I wonder…

I grabbed this recently off of consolegoods for 32.75 posted.

Check this thread out from a couple of people on here that modded the virtua stick

I just sent my panel out to khmerdroopy to get measured so he can cut out a replica panel for me because I wanted to save the original stock metal panel but it looks like khmerdroopy is gonna have to rip that sega saturn stock art off anyway, which is what I’ve been trying to avoid this whole time :looney:

Let us know how your stick turns out, I’m taking forever with mine.