Virtua Tennis 3 XBL thread

I know im not the only one playing this.

Post yer gamertags, times u play,strats, etc

Some people in the 360 thread in GD hopefully will see this.

GT: subtleanarchist
Times 1-3 am (Eastern standard time)

I suck, i mostly play doubles, any gender.

Blake ftw…

I already made a thread but it died months ago. This will do.

I’ve been trying to master the cord ball, I can hit it about 10% of the time. It’s either extremely strick/difficult timing or I’m doing something wrong.


I’m still not in the states yet, so I’m not on XBL. But i do check my so I can atleast monitor friends requests and messages. I mean, i’m not going to bother putting up my GT(unless you guys want me to) now cause it’s pointless we won’t be able to play until october. You guys would probably get mad, cause there’d be a GT that’s not signing on and wasting space.

So right now i end up playing this game occasionally with others, over here, when I ask them to play. I had a friend here that was showing alot of competitive interest in it, but he’s now back in the states, and he is currently playing this game online. I’ll link him to this thread in an email, and maybe he’d be interested in playing with you guys.

From various play, reading different threads and things like that, i tried to come up with a tier list:

Top tier:


After that, it gets too blurry. I’d like to believe that, Haas, Sharapova, Henman, are high tier though. Maybe even putting Sharapova right at the bottom of the top tier.

I play Sharapova the most(with probably Blake as secondary), and she’s extremely good on clay surface.

I found that Williams and Haas’ footing is really good. You can run to one side and turn back to run to the other side much much much faster than the rest of the players, even if their speed isn’t as fast as Hingis(who is probably the fastest runner in the game), Nadal, and Grosjean. Williams and Haas’ footing is just too good, they don’t slip around the surfaces so they’re great for players that just want to react to the ball instead of setting it up. The complete opposite of that would be Hewitt though, all he does is trip around the courts, he has to already be there to bring in his big power returns. If you hit the ball right to him, if he’s going in the other direction he can’t turn back fast enough to get any power out of the hit. But Hewitt is still waaay too good though.

On clay, power hitters run the show, and Sharapova hits HARD. Flat out offense no doubt, but her footing isn’t all that great either. I’d say it’s alot better than Hewitt’s though. You have to commit. I find myself slicing to set up for a winner, and she gets alot of winning hits.

I’ve been told that there’s alot of Roddick being played online. That true?

Flat ball/Cord ball: Tap A early for a big swing, and right when you make contact with the ball hit away from the net+Y.

I can’t seem to get a good flat ball. Most of my strikes like this, either become a cord ball popping over the net or it just hits the net on my side.

What were the controls for the other types of risk shots?


My first attempt at a cordball worked perfectly, now when I try I hit the net on my side 90% of the time. I couldn’t seem to get the timing down last time I practiced for about 20 min. I think the trick is hitting down + Y at the EXACT moment you strike the ball.

help a scrub out, I cant get the drop shot to work.

first of all, i know its down + slice(or b on my setup) but what does it look like ?
Its one of the few tennis academy missions i cant get.

Also, i still have trouble with pin crusher minigames , even at level 4.

That and bullseye.

Thanks for any tips…

For the drop shot, you have to hold away from the net with the slice, for as long as possible.

Try using Hingis, cause she’s really good with them.

Just make sure that you’ve set up your position, so that you’re where the ball will be far in advance for you to hold away from the net for as long as possible.

It makes a different sound when the racket makes contact with the ball.

EDIT: oops, after re-reading my post just now i realized i read your post completely wrong or something.

Well, with the drop shot, it basically makes a different sound and the ball barely goes over the net, it stays very low to the ground.

I just picked this up yesterday, learning this game again, so much has changed since virtua tennis.


Hey, my gt is either Toshiba or T0shiba, cant remmember, but try both. I dont play often just because i havent really found many people to play, but im almost always on so just message me and throw vt into the 360 so we can play.

my favorite electronics company --shouldnt be hard to remember lol…

Ive been playing VT online doubles ,
the lag bites are funny, sometimes you wont see a stroke but the ball is hit.
or you can return some smashes lol

Actually online ive been seeing a lot of roddick and federer, not too much blake.
For the gals, sharapova, and hantuchova, but that was just 1-2 days lol.

I finally played a few games online, and I can’t figure out the timing compared to the old game, about 75% of my shots are dives.