Virtua Tennis 3

Any SRKers play this?

Anyone have any top tier/broken strats for this game?

I get my ass handed to me on a daily basis (40% win rate), and I’m not alone (my friends range from 12% to 33%).

The way some of the people I’ve come across makes me think there is a community dedicated to this game. There’s some unbelievable comp online that you wouldn’t believe, and the game is virtually lag-free. If VF5 turns out this good I’ll be in heaven.

Anyways, lets exchange info, talk strats, talk about games etc.

The standard of play is very high, not counting all the Dukes. I started at around 60% but have gotten closer to 80% over the past week so something is clicking but I’m really not sure what. I’m just a bit less stumped now than my first 100 games.

The online play’s incredibly well done for the most part, though.

My GT is “Grifter 181” if anyone wants to play/experiment.

Add me ill be on 2nite.