Virtual Hiryu no Ken Gaiden


Does everyone know Virtual Hiryu no Ken Gaiden? Can everyone hear me? It’s a Hiryu no Ken franchise fighting video game. It be announced on E 2018 July 3rd.

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I always see this thread poping up and always new? Can you please provide a link?


Sure. Here you go @The_Shakunetsu


I’m aware of the previous incarnation what I curious about is where did you get the idea of possible future expansion of the series?


It starts tomorrow for E3 2018 @The_Shakunetsu I had to email Culture Brain Excel.


Okay dude I hope to see and know further details thanks. Is it okay that you would post the email about the portion of the announcement of the game?


**Yeah @The_Shakunetsu The gameplay of Virtual Hiryu no Ken Gaiden. They had the video game designers, music composers, 3D models and more. **


Can you provide that said information?


Yes. They had information. Returning characters, new characters, boss characters and unlockable characters @The_Shakunetsu


Cna you post it here?


Earth Quaker
Min Min


Wow that a huge cast.

I hope you could post the letter from or the source info.


@The_Shakunetsu There are the new characters. Wait a minute. Do you send Culture Brain Excel an email? Let me see when you send Culture Brain Excel an email.


I was hoping you could post it here, I didn’t send an email. I have trouble with my pc lately

#15 @The_Shakunetsu I send Culture Brain Excel an email.


Thanks, You can also just screenshot or attach it in the thread for other to see.


I attached it @The_Shakunetsu That’s the only way when I sent Culture Brain Excel an email at Gmail. Can you please hear me?


god only 2 good games for this series flying warriors on nes and ultimate fighter aka golden fighter in japan are great games cool story and fun its a beat em up 2d fighter and rpg all in 1 depending on who u fight ect certain parts of the game quite fun