Virtual On: Ontorio Tengram for XBLA + Online Play

Its out. Who is playing? Lets get some games and discussion going. This is v.5.66, which I’m told is quite balanced. Are there any kind of tiers for this game?

Im enjoying Bal-Bados, Drill-arm guy, ICE BITCH, and Grey-Vok a lot right now.

BAL-series seems like easy mode in this game. Center Weapon is like free damage is they ever decide to stop moving.

Virtual On series discussion is generally posted in this thread.

I enjoy playing him but Bal is considered one of the worst in VOOT. His RW is probably the strongest in the game but his CW is really shitty. You can see it a mile coming and the damage is weak compared to what it was in VOOM.

When I play Bal I like to shoot his legs and set to mines and just spray the field when I’m covered. If you maneuver the opponent between your mech and your extended legs they won’t see the mines coming from behind them. Of course setting up this scenario is a bitch. :bluu:

I didnt even know you could shoot his legs. I thought just his arms came off. Wow I have a lot to learn.

You have to crouch to get the legs to pop off. Crouch mines so good.

I just can’t take it that seriously without twinsticks. How do people rotate?

Once I get a new 360 I’ll buy and probly wreck a few heads. Go grys.

edit: hmm after reading more ugh. I’ll buy it but without some kind of hardcore customizing, I don’t think I’ll be happy.

Virtual-On for EVO 2010:razzy:

This game brings back so many good memories!

I like using Fei Yen Kn, she is fast and I Heart her Heart Bombs!

I highly suggest not doing the Twin Stick Mode controller option. Only do this if you have a twin stick, doing it on pad that way is confusing as hell.

My 360 just died today a few hours after I downloaded the game, so now I have to wait to get a new one replaced, thank god for the Best Buy Extended Warranty.

It sucks that it had to die today :sad:

Virtual on? Wow, I didn’t even know about this. Must get.

Aparmed-B for now. Gotta practice up, Keits, I have you on my list people feel free to add me. My connection right now sucks sometimes so I’ll apologize in advance.

For turning, I just jump cancel since it’s faster anyways.

Yea I was going to say jump cancels help for turning faster. I mainly only use Raiden and if I’m about to die I use his secret move :wgrin:. Most of the Japanese I’ve played either rushdown or play good keep away which I dont mind cause it helps adjusting to those playstyles. I play a mix of both I suppose depending on how offensive or defensive the opponent is when I play. I’m pretty much adjusted to the pad even though I still prefer to have twin sticks. Oh well hopefully Sega makes some twin sticks eventually if not then I’ll just stick to pad. Those mod twin sticks cost way too much. If anyone wants to get games in just send me a message or add me.

You can set turning left and right to the left and right bumper’s, making it so you never have to take your hands from the face buttons to use the right stick to turn. But even then turning is only done for weapon traps and fine tuning while dashing,

Hey Keits, good games yesterday! I’m enjoying Specineff a lot. I gotta learn crouch attacks since they seem to be more safe to do out in the open than standing attacks.

Now, if only the lobby system is better. It’s a nightmare trying to navigate through it! Thankfully, the game is too awesome so that overshadows bad lobby system!

edit: I’m up for online games, but I cannot use mic because I’m deaf.

>< I was not aware you were deaf. Sorry about demanding you get a mic!

Anyway, Twin-stick A controls on the 360 pad is what I’m using.

You have two sticks. You have two triggers per stick. Its exactly like arcade in functionality.

Turning is important for a few of the VRS’ specials as well. So if he favors Cypher, Dordray, or Specineff, it’d be kind of a big deal.

I had a bit more success with Bal-Bados today, played a decent set with some random Japanese player. Anything specifically for Bal I should be doing? ATM I’m just spastically filling the arena with shit and hoping it hits.

Netcode-wise I think it’s pretty good. UK-Japan has noticible input delay but 2-3 bars feels good to me. I just wish the online wasn’t as barebones as VF5’s. What does the “Connect to Party Lobby” option do?

Anyway, to unlock Ajim, play in Arcade mode and win every match up to about stage 5 via time-out. Every time you win via time-out, you increase the chances of him appearing. When he does appear you’ll get an Achievement, and he’ll crush the mech you’d normally fight at that point, probably Angelan. After meeting him, to select him in mode with the 3D character selector highlight Random and press left turbo+right turbo. In screens with the 2D character selector he’ll be at the bottom of the left row.

To play as Prototype Temjin, beat Arcade with Temjin and input this code:
Hightlight Temjin, hit X
Highlight Random, hit X
Highlight Raiden, hit X Twice
Hightlight Bal-Bados, hit X Twice
Highlight Angelan, hit X Twice
Highlight Grys-Vok, hit X Thrice

To play as Prototype Raiden, beat arcade with Raiden and input this code:
Highlight Apharmd B, hit X
Highlight Apharmd S, hit X
Hightlight Dordray, hit X Twice
Highlight Specineff, hit X Twice
Highlight Fei-Yen, hit X Twice
Highlight Cypher, hit X Thrice

Thanks to “Dominic White” for these.

Don’t forget Temjin’s spin sword.

anyone play late night 12-4ish west coast? add me, even though getting used to Raiden with the controller is roughhhh.

I got this shit and i am SOOOO happy they put this on XBL!

OMG OMG OMG! i was SO scrubby at this game… but i never cared… its SO FUN, SF4 may just get put on hold for this SHIZZLE!

heres to filling the screen with randomly timed crap :tup:


Right, right. Tend to forget about that. >_>

i just got this game and played a few sets with some dude name salicaceae. i have no idea how to play this game. is there a guide on this?

keits add me to your friends list doucher.

I need someone to practice this game with because I have no clue what actually works and what doesn’t at this point. Game looks brilliant compared to the old saturn/dc versions though, definitely worth the 15 bucks.