Virtual-On re-releasing to Ps2

Vid of VO playing on the Ps2:

No need for me to get this since it doesn’t feature Twinstick support. It’d be nice if they included it, but since there were never any Twinsticks made for PS2 it makes sense.

As for the comment of “VR Raiden > You”. I bet my rowing Belgdor will prove you otherwise. :wink: As for the tiers in OMG, Dorkas and Viper II are usually considered the best of the best. Viper II’s BS reguarding his backdash LW is simply retarded.

This is going to suck if they don’t release twin sticks to play this with, seriously.

our acade has a cab of this but its broken and nobody gives a damn about it either :frowning:

release date?

VIPER ftw lol

Wow I thought this game had amazing graphics back in the day.

I also use Viper

and being a big Sega Fan, owning a saturn, I also happen to own the official VO MMX. Great game, to bad its not stable in Windows XP, otherwise I would still be playing it to this day.

Also the online on it works great, though we played on LAN. Again Great Game, and I personally prefer VO over VOOT.

Yeah does anybody know the US release date? :?

There is no US release date… yet.

Oh my jesus, this has been the best news for me today. Oh man, October is gonna be an expensive month for me :X. Viper II ftw!!!

Tier wise in OMG it was temjin, Dorkas, Arphamd/Raiden. No huge difference between the 4.
Viper wasn’t top tier - sliding crouch shots had retarded hit boxes. Crouch shots>Viper II and Fei Yen

Dark Geese - watch the trailer its OM operation moongate not OT

EDIT - a compliation would be really good - OM, OT and a third - a patched up Marz?
but it ain’t gonna happen :frowning: