Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram
Virtual-On Marz (Force)

Virtual-On is a Sega Classic. Anyone who has played the series knows how addictive and fun it can be whittling your opponent down, while barely avoiding your own destruction.

So let the strategy and game play discussion commence!

I’ve never played Virtual-On on a competitive level, so I’m rather curious as to what kinds of advanced tactics people have to offer, especially for the first game, and Virtual-On Marz.

Revisiting the Virtual On Franchise?
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But Marz does the series a disservice…


But Tangram is the finest moment IMO!


i’d spend so many quarters on this game :slight_smile:


VOOT is my favorite.


I was really in the origial first Virtual On but VOOT is also very good. I never played the arcade version of VOOT though only played it on the DC.


I played the shit out of VOOT, best one ever


You know what honestly it was mad crap…but if you were bored…Marz wasn’t that bad.


Question…why is Marz/Force despised so much?


because it’s fucking slow. IIRC it had stupid balance issues too. VOOT is king.


VOOT is the best. Soooooo much fun, even using default DC controller. If only I could get Twin Sticks for cheap…


Yeah those things aren’t cheap, that’s why I never picked it up for my DC since I didn’t think it’d be as fun


Temjin FTW!


Lol I was gonna come right in here and say that, that’s all I ever picked in VO. :tup:


VOOT is awesome, my bro and I had it for PC and DC. We played the PC one more.

His fav was Raiden, mine was Cypher.

If you like VOOT, you guys should check out that Gundam knocknoff PC game, Windom XP. You can find the link on Gen Disc.


That Windom game looks surprisingly good. I might have to try it out.

After playing Marz and then playing the original, there is a significant speed difference. I think the first game has a higher fun factor because of it. Hopefully Sega won’t stop with just Marz and will come up with a Sequel for the next gen Systems.

On the subject of the Original Virtual-On, here is the ranking as far as I can tell.

01 Temjin - He has the best combination of Speed, Armor, and Weapons. Defensively speaking, Temjin is the best character in the game. He has enough speed to evade a wide variety of attacks, AND the armor to withstand most attacks. His Bomb does decent damage and doubles as a defensive mechanism: the left weapon can be used to cancel out attacks making Temjin temporarily invulnerable within the proximity blast. His right weapon is one of the best Right weapons in the game because it almost never runs out, has good range, and good damage. His Sword is decent at best, and the dive, although damaging is easy to avoid. Temjin can afford to make more mistakes than Viper and Fei, but doesn’t struggle against mobile characters like Raiden, Belgdor, Dorcas, and Bal-Bas-Bow.

02 Fei-Yen - Fei-Yen is the fastest character in the game, and has one of the best jumps in the game. Fei-Yen, can jump cancel, dash, zig zag, and effectively evade any attack in the game with minimal effort, including Viper II’s homing beam. Although incredibly weak, her left weapon is all Fei needs for her hit and run game. What makes Fei-Yen really good is the heart beam. At long rang it’s a weak weapon with decent tracking, however it also tracks well at extremely close range allowing her a lock-down combo. After an opponent is knocked down, Fei can time the heart beam so that it hits as soon as the opponent’s invincibility frames are over, knocking them down again. Any non-Fei opponent cannot evade this due to the Heart Beams tracking. The weapon recharges at such a rate where this can be repeated indefinitely. The timing can be tricky though. Her armor is just one notch above Viper’s, so if her movement become predictable, she’s done for. However if Fei stay’s on the ball she can be very difficult to beat.

03 Viper II - Viper II’s homing beam is easy to use and highly rewarding. It’s difficult to deflect, has good tracking and does solid damage. His 7way missiles are a good weapon to do out of a dash, and his right weapon is decent. Viper is fast, has a great jump, and the combination of the 2 make him the 2nd most evasive character in the game. His SLC dive is completely invincible(though easy to avoid) and highly damaging. Viper can evade an opponent while racking up damage, and can fight very effectively long range. He has the worst armor in the game(even worse than Fei-Yen) so when he takes a few hits it’s game over. However, Viper’s evasiveness overshadows his poor armor.

04 Raiden - The best armor in the game and the most destructive attack. In the hands of a skilled player, Raiden is a monster. His left and right weapons are good, but he’s ranked so highly because of his Laser. Once a player understands how to aim Raiden using his body as a sight, the laser becomes an easy and reliable weapon to use. It has excellent range, and is a great way to punish mistakes, or over zealous jumpers. Setting up Raiden’s laser is a simple task and it has devastating results. Raiden has problems against characters with great evasion, but with intelligent jump canceling he can be a menace. Although his ranking is 4th, a Raiden can beat any character, it’s just that he can struggle against the quick ones.

05 Belgdor - Belgdor’s Napalm is one of the best weapons in the game: it goes through walls, does decent damage, and out prioritizes Temjin’s bombs. Aiming it is akin to Aiming Raiden’s Laser, which with a little practice, can go a long way. His Grendade Launcher is one of the best Right Weapons in the game, doing massive damage, and being easy to aim. His homing missile gives him what he need’s: decent tracking. Like Raiden, skillful jump canceling makes him a much better character.

06 Dorcas - Dorcas is a solid character. A ranking of 6 is deceptive because he can contend with the best of them, he’s slow, but has good armor. He signature move, the hammer just isn’t that good of a weapon. Against inexperienced player’s it’s devastating, but it is very easy to see coming and knock back. Luckily for Dorcas, he has the phalanx, which makes for a lot, but not all, of the shortcomings of the hammer. Offensively speaking, Raiden and Belgdor do everything better.

07 Apharmd - Temjin with bad weapons. The Tongfa’s are powerful up close, but they can be blocked with minimum effort. The shotgun is weak, and his bomb is not as good as Temjin’s. He’s got decent armor and evasion, but if you’re firepower isn’t up to par, there’s no point. Fei-Yen’s bow shot is incredibly weak, but it gives her the tracking she needs to be effective. Despite having good defensive and evasive ability Apharmd can’t do damage effectively, so it’s a bit wasted.

08 Bal-Bas-Bow - Could have been a good character, but unfortunately falls into last place because of horrible armor, and a the worst dash in the game. Has the best jump in the game, but even well timed jump canceling won’t save him. His Ring beam is a good weapon, with the ability to cancel out certain shots, and his floating mines are strong and have good reload. The Hand Bits are a nice idea, but they ultimately fail. They do great damage, but they can be knocked back with minimum effort, and during their release BBB is defenseless. Overall, it’s too easy to evade, pursue, and out gun Bal-Bas-Bow despite having decent weapons. If BBB could attack while the Bits were released or had better armor, or had good ground speed he would be a contender.


I played the first game for two years 1998 and 1999 in both Arcade and saturn

I win (and loose) a lot of matches from diferent players and chars but none of us get a competitive level, major of our tactics was improvisation to get a cover and hit enemy with
best weapon.
I was Dorcas player and i used “the shockwave” to uncover enemy and launch hammer after that !

See this guy, he got a great idea



For anyone interested, this works in the model 2 emulator, and looks amazing at 1920x1600 :sunglasses:


I just tried it out and it does look very nice :tup:



May be a bit off-topic but Virtual On is in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3! They’re these strategy RPGs that cross over many mecha anime and games into one big story and everything. The Virtual On units had no story significance in this game but they did hang out with the Gaogaigar crew. Just thought someone would like this.


I had the good fortune of running into a hardcore Virtual-On fan. Needless to say I have been enlightened on my journey from Beginner to Advanced player. I got an opportunity to play Force, quite a bit, and I must say it is very, very different from Marz.

The main difference between Force and Marz is that Temjin 747J is the only character that plays the same. All of the other VRs have had drastic speed and power reduction since force, making the game much less enjoyable. I like the mission mode in Marz, but…the multi-player is lacking; no co-op mode, no 4-player versus, no online. Sigh…