Virtual Stick HG Concerns


sup, i wanna get the virtual stick HG(ps3) but was wondering how it would work on the ps2, are there any usb > ps2 converters?
does it work when you plug it in the ps2 usb port?


it won’t work on the PS2 at all, but you can play PS2 games on your PS3 with the 1.7 firmware update with the VSHG. You can’t do the same with the HRAP3 however.


Are you absolutely sure about the VSHG?

Here’s my thread:

I’ve been looking for an answer for a while…If you’re right, you win a cookie, the internetz, whatever :D.



Yes the VSHG works on the PS3 with a 1.7 firmware update.

Except the button layout is different then normal joysticks.

I have 2 and they work on ps2 games played on PS3.

However, I do think there is a little button delay… compared to the PS2 - usb converters.