Virtura Fighter good games thread

yall know what to do:nunchuck:

gg to you, DeadlyRave. :tup:

Shit was fun and next time we play I’ll be even better than before, so you better come ready.

GGs last night Deadlyrave and everyone that I have played so far as well. See you guys online.

GGs Azn Shun :smile:

i dont know how you people remember all the names you read.

GG all 100 people i played! Loud drunken girl laughing at my drunken Shun get drunk was a trip.

i do remmeber Technical Monkey ~ GG

ggs to all i played :pray:

gg to Neo as well. Sorry I dump like that, but no mic and no way to say I got to get to sleep

GG’s to all the dudes I played tonight including the obviously embarrassed Lei Fei that disconnected on me hahaha.

Big hi if he even goes here to I think woodchipper or some wolf player from montreal that I played. Hope you learned something bro.

PS: Slide, when do you get on bro, I want chill with ya! :sad:

I’ll be on tomorrow afternoon.:sweat:

I can’t wait to learn from you and level up. I level up every single time I play this game, it’s crazy man.

Bryants ftw

GG’s to vizierde

GGs to Rookie NL

Good games to everyone I played today. :clap:

Hope you guys stick to VF and help out our small scene :frowning:

good games to all who played cutitupfresh today which was me. :tup:

Good games to worthless scrub. I hope we can get some more in later.

Good games to anyone I may have played here. Gamertag is Johoseph. I play Goh. Just a question, do most of you play on ranked or unranked??

definitely man GGs

and GGs to Granby.Sucks about the lag,but hopefully its an isolated incident and our next match goes better,also thanks for the advice as well. :tup:

No prob bro, I have horrible cross country lag but maybe next time it’ll be better.

Oh… DeadlyRaveNeo, I remember playing you twice on Friday night I thing. You destroyed my Jacky twice (and help set my record of 9W-62L), good game.

GG’s to all I played last night. It’s nice to see some people are as bad at this game as me. I’m lovin this game though and plan to support it online as long as there are peeps playing…this game is so under appreciated it sad…

gg to everyone i’ve played over the past couple days(chemistren82, Unsafe Dan, KrsJin), all you guys are real good. And I’m leveling up alot thanks to that.

Come enter the muhfuckin matrix(triniteeeeeee)