Virus alert

I don’t know where I should post this since there isn’t a website related forum, and I couldn’t find the admin’s name anywhere… So I’ll put it here, someone who knows who the admin is might want to inform him about this.

The main page causes a virus alert, at least with Avira AntiVir which I’m using… So it seems someone has hacked the site and inserted some unwanted content.

I know you’re jsut trying to help, but that’s probably just malware served up by an ad. It’s pretty common, and as long as your AV caught it you’re okay. You can prevent future problems by following 4 simple steps.

  1. Get Firefox.
  2. Install Ab-blocker Plus
  3. Disable ads
  4. Win

Or, if you insist on using a different browser, turn off javascript so flash can’t function unless you want it to.

I have Firefox, and I perfectly well know about Java and Flash…

It happens EVERY time I access the main page. It does not happen at any other website.

I still suggest the site maintainers check the code.

The page is fine, I have not come across anything on my home machine or from my workstation which has more and better detection software than 99% of places out there.