Virus on my computer

Hey guys, sorry but I couldn’t find the computer help thread. Basically I think I got a virus recently and it’s been screwing up things. I had a virus-scan program pop up and said a trojan was detected and that it was deleted. The message kept popping up every 20mins or so I decided to restart the computer. Now the computer keeps restarting by itself, pretty much right after the desktop loads. The blue screen shows up briefly sometimes right before the restart. I’m running on safe mode right now so everything is cool, but does anyone know whats going on or what I can do? Thanks in advance.

boot the pc in safe mode with networking. run a virus scan (a good one)… find out what virus you have. Check on the internet how to remove it. As simple as that really. the virus scanner might even remove the virus for you.

I’m looking it up right now. Just want to know if anyone experienced something like this or is familar with this kind of stuff. There’s tons of virus-removal programs out there. Was wondering if there was any recomendation for my specific problem.

Welcome to SRK helpdesk, thank you for calling.

But seriously, I’ve dealt with this problem many many times before. This is what I do in order to make sure a client is 100% virus/trojan free.

First get a bootable OS, one that can read NTFS partitions. Look for one that can go onto a USB or a DVD.

When you boot into the OS copy ever individual file on importance to either a series of DVDs or invest in a flashdrive(s), OR connect a laptop and fileshare (though this can risk infection, make sure the laptop is protected).

Then format your Harddrive using a windows disk!

Get all your drives again from your manufacturer’s website, disks, ect ect.

Make sure the PC has up to date protection, THEN move all your files back making sure the software checks out any files you put onto your new clean install.

And there you go! This way you can make sure you scrub your PC clean. The BEST way to do this would be to not copy anything at all but I find many people have problems with this (I personally don’t).

Otherwise… Go for Anti-Virus software that can run in safe mode, I recommend NOD32 (I think it works fine in safe mode).

Yep, go with NOD32. I’ve been using it for years. ESET Smart Security has your antivirus, antispyware, personal firewall, and antispam module taken care of for you.

ive actually had quite good results with the microsoft scanner(the one that runs off a browser) also spybot, spyware doctor, & super antispyware(something stupidly named like this)

disable automatic restart so you can read what the error message in the blue screen is.

i recommend using the free virus scan at