Virutal on sticks


anyone know where i can get a hori twin sticks set is there any way i can buy them off the Japanese site an have it shipped here? if so how can i translate the site for jp to english or do i need to knwo japanese to buy one? is there any conversion i can do with a dreamcast set or saturn set?


pad hack maybe?

also google chrome will translate the page.


If you are willing to pay the amount for a Hori, it might be worthwhile to try make some customs out of these.

Sanwa JLJ-PL2-8V Joystick

It is possible to do a conversion as well. You can be cheap like me and go the quickshot route.

Then use a project box for Saturn, Dreamcast and Xbox 360.

If you are dead set on getting the Hori, you can try Just be warned, I bought a $40 auction item and it became $130 due to shipping and middleman fees.


hey thnx for the info!
i think ima try the nes quickshot but where do ii get a year 2007 madcats controller?ebay?


is it a have to have to make this?


You can use the 2008 and 2009 one, no problem.


I suggest that instead you get the Madcatz Fightpads for xbox 360. Much easier to hack. Set Voot to type C and you don’t need analogs. At the time I made the VOOT sticks, the Fightpads where going for $70 on ebay. You can now get one off for like $25.

The 08 and 09 trigger hacks might be hard for someone new. It requires a certain inverter chip.

If you are new to custom arcade controllers.


Wouldn’t it still be cheaper to find a Japanese Saturn Twin Stick and get an adaptor for that?

I’m glad I got mine when I did (brand new back in the mid-1990s).

People still do occasionally pick them up and they aren’t as expensive as the Dreamcast Twin Stick.

(I dunno what the going price for them is now but somebody here said he didn’t pay more than $65 for a used set even a year ago… The luck of the e-Bay I guess!)

As I said before, I frankly think the Saturn Twin Sticks are still the best-looking set of the type released.

Whether the parts hold up as well as the Sanwa sticks is debatable but the Saturn Twin Stick at least has a nice arcade-style decal on the base and actually looks like something you’d see in an arcade…

(I guess if the Saturn twin stick DID break, it MIGHT be possible to fit the Sanwa parts into the base and at least salvage as much of the Saturn control base as possible. That’s still gotta be easier than cobbling your own joystick up or retrofitting an NES-era controller.)

The other Twin Sticks I’ve seen are bland beyond comparison IMHO.


I used to have the saturn twin stick ages ago. The big problem is the base was too small and did not stay put. If I still had them I would relocate them to a box about twice as big.


Never had problems with mine.

Always set the stick on its box and played Virtual ON That Way.

I never play with controllers on my lap…