Visalia,CA All pro's pizza Interest check


Any SRKer’s are interested in setting up a local tournament ( or gaming night or probably a path to Crossroads) in Visalia area? All Pro’s Pizza on Mooney is interested in giving a spot to play.


you want advertisment?


It isn’t an advertisment, I just want a place that we can play and probably practice in the Visa area.


That’s be good. I can being a lot of people in from the Merced/Modesto area.


Talk to the All Pro’s Pizza Manager, with a small interest now. I could probably go back to the manager though we need to see how much people are willing to show up. Especially in Visalia.


Do it. We need a venue/fight group down here.


I talked to the Manager at All Pros and he is down for the idea. So far, its $5 per person and this tuesday will be its test day.


We need to have people show up to the initial running. This may very well be the venue spot for Visalia.


Is this still going at all pro? I really want to try and start finding local places to play


If you’re interesting in playing Visalia shoot me a PM.


Apparently All Pro’s is closing and we found another venue. Since school is in session, I will probably let you know or Worm know when we start it back up again.


Alright sweet, its all gonna be played on ps3 probably right? If it is i either need to try and dual mod my stick or see if i can pcl up one on ps3


We use Xbox’s though PS3 is welcomed.