Viscant is my hero


:pray:that was long overdue:pray:

respect the vest :coffee:


Intense finals, now my emotions are so high strung… I CAN’T CONTROL IT


Props to Jay Snyder…:clapdos:


sick finals, and good job to PR. That Tron comeback was siiiiiick. And the J Wong perfect.


props…lol he brought out the damn vest.


Shoutouts to Viscant for repping SAN DIEGO! :lovin:

Fuck the haters, Vis, go drink the tears of the salty viewers, you earned it.


Carried by dark phoenix lolololo


Congrats to Viscant.

Why is this the last MVC3 at Evo?


Viscant is a great poster and a great player. Just saw his win; huge grats!




yeah, dphoenix is seriously strong!


Most likely due to UMvC3 coming out soon.


UMvC3 will be there next year. Just a small technicality


Uh, Ultimate duh lol


Ultimate is next


man the way PR rog performed, perfecting justin and then getting a hell of a comeback with tron. that really made it an incredibly hype final


i would be less salty if that d.phoenix didn’t get away with like 3 straight magic pixel survivals


Jay just saw you win in person. Mad hype. Congrats man you fucking earned it. Shout out to the new best friends=)


UGH the MvC3 portion was long, time to take a well needed shower.



XD <3 ultra david

was so happy viscant won he deserved it.
he could control it :wink: