Viscant The last hope for the USA!

Ranked #1 at one time in xbox live? check!
10,000+ games played? check!
Solid track record of top 8 placing? check!
innovation, execution, clutch? check, check, check!
Experience? check!
owns you? Check!

All is not lost America, Viscant is our last hope!!!

Get our pride back!!!

And best of all… HE RUNS A PHOENIX TEAM!

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Oh god!.. The hilarity!

Last hope? More like first seeing as he played MvC2 from day one apparently.

Well this should be hilarious.

Did his brother ever get that virginity problem taken care of?

On topic, I’m interested in seeing how well his Phoenix-on-point strategy pans out at EVO.

He also has a Phoenix so that bumps his chances up quite a bit.

I love this “our” pride stuff from people who have no reason to take any pride in someone else’s accomplishments because they contributed nothing to them (not necessarily you specifically, but I see this all the time). Regional pride is so stupid…Crew pride is fine; your crew is your boys, the guys you train with, and the guys who actually get where they are because of you. But being “proud” because someone who was coincidentally born in the same ~4 million square mile area as you wins something is just silly.

If it means that much to you though, step it up and be the hope.

I think Jwong just had an offday. To be honest, his Marvel3 looked REALLY sloppy, almost complacent. I felt overall near the end he didn’t play like himself at all with the dropped combos and non hit confirms (wtf happened to his Amaterasu for example).

Boy… you must be a blast to go to sporting events with

he was playing mvc1 from day one. triple option zangief!

Yeah I was pretty upset when his Ammy dropped the ball, but c’mon its 3 days of playing in a tournament…sometimes shyt happens. We’re all human.

Also way before the Marvel 1.0 vid came out, I was already a Viscant supporter. He likes to help the community out a lot, and gives us insight into a game that people think is shallow.

Do not list execution as one of Viscant’s strengths, he’s an amazing player but that has nothing to do with why.

Help us Jay Viscant, you are our only hope bzzzt Help us Jay Viscant, you are our only hope bzzzt Help us Jay Viscant, you are our only hope

Characters like Wolverine, Wesker and XF3 DP make it pretty obvious that you can have shit for execution and still do combos and resets that hurt a lot. The main thing you need in this game is good spacing and ability to counter hit and put people into more damage after air techs. Which both characters are very capable of creating scary air tech situations. There are characters that can get more immediate damage without burning XF but they require execution that is prone to dropping at this level of the game where people aren’t really playing the game so hard that they’re refining their execution to such a level. The hard combos in this game are easier to do than the hard combos of most other fighting games so with time you’ll see people being consistent even with the harder combos since the hard combos for the most part aren’t impossible to do practically.

Viscant is powerful because like Tokido he’s basically trying to beat you from the character select screen. Puts up a character that can kill off teams from the beginning with Wesker and has him backed up with a solid assist character with Iron Man. Iron Man basically buys up time for Phoenix and Phoenix/DP can easily blow up teams at the end also. He was also the guy that created a lot of the reset and air loop block strings that people are using more often with Wesker so he thinks on a very strategic “what can I do to maximize situations” level. Like Tokido he’s always trying to make sure you are in a bad situation no matter what during the fight. Even if he drops a combo with a character like Wesker or Phoenix he can easily turn a dropped combo or reset into another situation where you can easily get hit again.

Hey hey hey. I’m not saying Viscant didn’t deserve to win at revelations but the compitition was a bit divided (some people went to CEO).

I realize this. I don’t go to sporting events though.

ya, viscant has always been a master strategist and in mvc3 weak execution is not so much of a hindrance. he’s also always been very realistic about the games he plays (i’ve seen him call both mvc1 and cvs2 bad games, and those were the games he was most known for), which i think allows him to pick the cheapest shit and run with it without feeling too bad about it. i don’t know if jwong didnt want to use phoenix because she was cheap or because he didn’t want to accept that that was the reality of the game, but it’s definitely something that’s hindered him.

Yeah J.Wong will most likely be switching to Phoenix by Evo. Wolverine with Phoenix in the back is a game breaking team. People before were just afraid of Phoenix getting 5 bars in the fact but Wolverine with XF1 in the front is basically a 2nd Phoenix on your team. If Wolverine lands anything he can do 1.1 + million damage in a mater of seconds and then the 2nd character coming in can easily take the same damage and die also. Then you’re down to one character left with XF while their team can still get a potential 4 characters to fight yours. Even with XF3 the chances of killing off 4 characters unless you also have Phoenix in the back are kinda slim.

Viscant + vest = broken tier

Remember Floe, inferior player to Jwong, beating him with Phoenix ? Same scenario occured in CEO, Don’t worry Jwong still the best at Mahvel i bet it.
But if he WANTS to win EVO, better off switching to a cheap team with Phoenix.

Yeah if J.Wong likes money he will switch to Phoenix. Phoenix in the back with XF3 can come back on 6 characters and you can only use 3…

If he wants to win money in a more fair fashion AE is going to be there any way.