Viscant The last hope for the USA!

But he didn’t get into top 8 teams at Revelations!

oh wait, your name is in here though!

Justin Wong isn’t the best at marvel. Chris G showed that with his Ryu clean sweeping him. Chris G would of also beat Tokido.

Viscant actually said he knows a team that will counter Tokido’s!

We lost 1 fucking time to Japan in a game that is 4 months old that plays almost absolutely nothing like its predecessor which we were known to be the best at. Who cares.

Edit: But yes Viscant is Godlike

It’s said that the top players are still trying to play this game like there is no tier list.(more so than the rest)

If the top players played this like it was mvc2 and just pocked top tier Japan would get punished.

Yeah the game is too cheap at its current stage where you can go winning tournaments with strong mid or mid high tiers like SFIV. If you dont got the team that gives you 4 characters then you’re not playing the game to win money.

As we always said, some characters are easier to win with than others, like for example Wolvie/Sent/ Phoenix / Akuma / Wesker.
And Chris G is godlike with Ryu because he’s just too good as a player. The guy is fucking talented for a reason bro’ And maybe also that Ryu isn’t that bad provided he has got meter.

It’s close between Chris G and Wong, but I think Wong has a very small advantage. But these two are clearly the best in the US (Not sure about Viscant).

The problem with Wolverine Phoenix is that it’d be nice if the team was just easy to play. The team can easily crumble your entire team from the front or from the back and gets more insurances to win than any other team in the game. The only way to beat it is to put somebody that does well against or counters Wolverine (like anybody actually hard counters wolverine yet) in the front and make sure you also have Phoenix in the back. The team basically turns the game competitively into a joke.

Any team outside of that will just be at literal losing odds and not just lose on a matchup standpoint like a normal tiered team. The only real counter I see is the typical shit like snapping her in and killing her or killing off the first 2 characters before they get 4 bars. Which then Phoenix could still lame out you if she doesn’t die on the come in get the 5 bars and now you gotta deal with DP with no XF and you’ve thrown the match away.

Before you only really had to worry about dying at the end with a Phoenix team. Now you have to worry about dying in the front also and that’s just not interesting or worth fighting against competitively. It’s pretty much time to wait for Super MVC3 unless you pick a team extremely similar.

Is this the same Viscant in SRKGD? WTF is he doing playing fighting games for…

Yes the same. Just like Dios X And Pgorath. It’s GD’s time to shine baby!

WTF are you doing playing fighting games for…


Both San Diego players, by the fuckin way ;D

I think I’m going to refer to him as “The Icy Rose” from now on. Also is that skullgirls Mike Z?

…Combofiend…bionic arm…remember him…no…oh ok then

There were a lot of players who DIDN’T play Tokido, keep in mind. Combofiend, Filipino Champ, Clakey D… any of the top players on the west coast. Justin isn’t unbeatable. I’d love to see combofiend play against Tokido to be honest, if only because I feel like it’d be more interesting to watch someone play him that doesn’t also use wolverine.

However Viscant is another player I would say has a fighting chance.
I think Chris G almost had him a few times, too. There was a point where Chris had the set, and went for a reset instead of just team supering and it lost him the game when the mixup didn’t work.

we’ll find out soon.


Nah i dont believe it, he probably bribe his matchups w/ fleshlights…

I dont play fighting games you jackass