Viscant The last hope for the USA!

caption/photoshop contest:

duc doesnt play this game does he

Justin probably has the best chance of winning evo more than Viscant. Or let me just say, he probably has a better chance at beating Tokido in the future. Justin’s loss to Tokido doesn’t disqualify him. It may have empowered him, actually. Him getting 2nd could’ve been his best opportunity to download as much of Tokido as possible… whereas as far as I know, Viscant hasn’t fought Tokido yet.

I mean, if Justin happened to go to Revelations, he may have had a much better chance of winning, and who knows what would’ve happened at CEO. Maybe Chris G would’ve gotten first and people would’ve be so worried.

Either way, I still hope in the end, we take Marvel in evo. We may have slept on the Japanese but if this is a wakeup call then time isn’t on our side in getting to know Japanese competition.

And yeah, fuck spectator mode. REPLAY mode with a setup like AE would be nice to see some potential good online matches. Probably not a lot of them but you never know.

This thread is too good to lock down :lol:

Justin works hard and uses what he’s learned to beat Tokido at EVO… then he gets to face Daigo!

I like how threads like this don’t get locked, but are as inane as ‘is there a noob guide’ thread.

That’s because P. Gorath started the humor, and Valaris refined it to awesomeness.

this is the best thread in the MvC3 section]Lest we forget this too!


I was torn.

I still think Combofiend is the best.

Combofiend is the best. But XF1 Wolvie and Phoenix are better. LOL.

:eek: -dead-

XF1 Wolvie = getting on wolvie’s bad side just by him going up against himself + Phoenix at the start of the match.

And ever since that tournament finished, every online Wolverine keeps using level 1 xfactor on me like my point character is actually Wolverine tier if I OCV them… with X-23… and then they lose to Ammy on anchor.

Stupid thread. One tournament and the sheep flock. Once upon a time I thought the mods were too strict, now…simply Lol.

I went online and found a lot of wolvies fans out there using XFC1… They failed against my Wesker…

A lot of XF1 activations happen with scrubs. They’re trying to save their character who dish out the most bullshit. Nothing new about that. They know they can mash all day with Wolverine, and if he get’s killed then they don’t have anyone else they can mash with. So they make sure they save him by XF early. That’s good news for my Dormamu if he gets a chance to XF lvl3 and have 5 meters.

The stupid thing is that Wolverine blowing off XF1 only works when you don’t have a good anchor, or you have a better anchor(Phoenix). Justin had only Tron, and Tron is a terrible anchor. Tokido could still won that fight he wanted to with Phoenix.

That may be…but Combofiend was in ReveLAtions and we all know how much of a monster he is. He lost to Clakey D and it really shocked me. Let’s not ignore Filipino Champ either. He is the one that sent Combofiend to losers.

Hey P. Gorath, were you in the tournaments last week? I was really interested in how you were going to do with either your Joe Team or Phoenix team