Viscant's Dee Jay?

So I must’ve totally blanked this, but I just found out that Viscant is apparently a Dee Jay main… is he any good?

Is he planning on taking DJ to EVO? He was quite ambiguous about it in the latest WakeUp SRK.

Viscant is a great DJ player, but he hasn’t put enough time in AE. He is a Marvel god and I don’t blame him for not putting much effort in SF.

Heh I’m gettin da fateeg too bruddah. Topple twin BS on top of this game being hard to play and Online play as my only outlet and it just starts to…ugh.



Is Hatrify going to EVO? His Deejay is pretty crispy and he has solid fundamentals. I’d love to see him go, and make some noise.

i dont think ive seen any high level tournament play from a dj player. even hakan, cody and t. hawk get more play. surely dj isnt that bad…

I only saw one deejay match on the stream. I forgot the name of the guy though.
It was against Kayane, who was playing Chun. At least Dj won as far as i can remember.