Visit site from Mobile, get redirected


About 5 minutes ago I was trying to view srk via Android mobile phone and was getting redirected to a gambling site.

Just tried it on my Ubuntu laptop running Firefox and I can view the site fine with no re-direction. I’m currently testing other sites to make sure it’s not just my phone or something, but I can at least in-form you that this is occuring and if this is happening to anyone else, you’re not alone.

-edit [S]Seems to have stopped now. May have just been my phone.[/S]
-edit 2 It’s started again.[S][/S]


You probably got viruses or something (if droids can even get those, I think they can actually). I visit this site all the time on my droid without tapatalk and this hasn’t happened to me.


That would be visiting the forums, not the sites. It does seem to be random based on some ad showing up though. It also doesn’t happen on any other site i’ve visit, just this one so far.