Visiting Amsterdam/Gothenburg

Well, in the line of other local SRKers doing the same thing of opening this kind of threads, I’m visiting these places, thanks to the fact I won the air trip in a card game tournament, otherwise I could never have dreamed of even thinking about this: I’m quite between nervous like a kiddy girl meeting her favorite band and happy as a dog with 2 tails, as I’ve never done this before and I consider myself a noob in this kind of things, I’m actually right now in Schiphol, I was almost stuck without being able to afford the ticket for Gothenburg, but a friend saved me with his frequent flyer miles, so I’m waiting for the flight there and should be in Sweden for a week before getting back to Amsterdam for 2 weeks. If any of you lives or has resided/visited any of these cities, all help will be greatly appreciated, I’m willing to meet up if you live there and have any spare time to chat/eat/drink/play (My languages are Spanish and English).

(If you have an extra space, even a 2x1 floor space to share/rent cheaply for a few days, that would be even more awesome!)

Thanks in advance for reading and commenting!

The only place in Gothenburg I can recommend is Sticky Fingers. I believe that is a rock bar/concert hall. Other than that, I know nothing, but let me know how it’s like, I really want to go.