Visiting New York

So this will be my second time visiting to New York. I stayed in brooklyn last year for a few days but due to not knowing anyone…really didnt do anything v_v;. I’ll be hopefuly staying at a hostel somewhere in manhatten near china town ( plan on playing some SF4 their) and was wondering if anyone was up for hanging out ^^? Would be nice to chill with some people who know the area…especially anyone who knows some clubs to hit up.

dont’ look at the homeless in the eye

lol ok, ill keep that in mind.

Brooklyn is my favorite place in the world. In general something interesting happens in ny city everyday. I dont know much about other areas as far as clubs/bars go but the brooklyn bars are amazing. I love the people, the style, and the music they play. A lot of people out of the country come to visit too. You can start random conversation with just about anyone amd they wont get all defensive.
CTF doesnt see as good as it used to be and I lost interest with china town ever since the HnK machine at cogman died.

Should be fun man

Yea, i did have a blast in brooklyn, i wouldnt even know where to start for bars, my knowledge of NYC is about maybe .02% lol.

Go to JFK and get on a plane that goes to a different, better city.

When you’re in New York, find something they can’t do, and find out if their lights really inspire you.


There are a lot of great restaurants anywhere. Cafe Habana has some good cuban food but their signature is their corn. Has mayo, parmesian cheese, lime, chili powder.

Times Square is a great fun place but go at night. There are a lot of shiny lights, random vendors, carriages, cool ass shops.

The metropolitan museum is still a cool place to go to but not my cup of tea by myself. A lot of the surrounding area was just filled with rich bitch (at least for me) stores and apartments.

My girlfriend and I got a cheap hotel in Times Square called the Carter Hotel I believe. I didn’t know NYC had hostels tbh.

Don’t stare at homeless people, ignore loud people, pretend to be sleeping when beggars come to subway trains, and adhere to everything you’ve heard about ethnic stereotypes. Not a good idea to make a fuss with anyone since majority from what I’ve seen are pretty much ready to throw down as long as they have an excuse…regardless of ethnicity or age.

Haters gonna hate. Your acting like my town is LA :bluu:

Remember this though… Walk fast or

Go to a Yankees game, South Street Seaport. And the nightrun! Nightrun is serious though. Basically you run throughout NYC tge whole night to various spots/concerts/events in all one night. Insanely fun although mugging/death is likely :rolleyes: Hit up CTF too

Ctf for sure. Times square is another one of the places i want to hit up. I’ll try not to pull the whole tourist shit, i know how annoying that can be v_v. Any clubs that are known to be the best?

U can go to Webster Hall (even though some of the bouncers tend to be a little racist sometimes) they normally have a good variety from what I’ve heard.

don’t look like a little bitch

i’m serious

Alright nyke, ill look that place up.
Alzarath…a little bitch >>;?

Check out soho if you have the time. I love that area.

the best place to eat at is Ninja in New York.


NINJA NEW YORK Restaurant, Finest Japanese Cuisine

Dude, i saw that on tv, that shit looked sick o.o!

Williamsburg and Park Slope in Brooklyn have cool bars. Williamsburg is the hipster capital, so I don’t know how you feel about that. But, it still has cool spots and not all of them are completely hipster-ish. Park Slope is more on the yuppie side.

I can’t really help you out on the club tip. Most clubs are in Manhattan and everyone will give you vastly different opinions why it’s either great, okay, or terrible. It’s funny because some “terrible” clubs turn out to be really fun, and the “great” clubs are surprisingly boring. Also, if you are single man trying to go to a club alone?it’s most likely not going to happen. Clubs here are very strict on that policy, but you can go really early and sip on few drinks before the party arrives.

What type of music do you like?

Well i am probably going to be alone since i dont know anyone in NYC really v_v;. Hip hop, pop, rap, techno, etc.etc. I’m not really picky, i enjoy most music ^^…other then country. Maybe i can get some peeps to come with me from the hostel if i ever find one >>;.

check out soho (you’ll already be in the area since you’re staying in chinatown) and also, maybe pick a random female up from the heights (tell them you’re only staying a short time…).
you’re in a hostel tho…try to get a hotel if you’re going to pick a female up.

When will you be here?