Visiting New York

I already said to check out soho, niggah

so then if he sees multiple posts suggesting the same thing maybe he’ll be more likely to do it.

check out supreme. the drop might happen when you’re there. even if you’re not feeling it you could prolly profit from flipping it on ebay.

I don’t think he knows anything about Supreme, Playcloths, Stussy, The Hundreds e.t.c. So it probably won’t benefit him and just shock him at the $ for a sweater or tee. Plus I hate Supreme.

well you guys were right, idk what supreme, soho and heights ^^;. Im staying at a hostel because hotels cost way to damn much to stay in for a week. For when im coming up, it’s looking to be sometime in the beginning of Oct. It’s really up to my boss for when he decides i can take my vacation from work and my second job ends right at the end of sept. so im hoping then.

well, what has been mentioned are either neighborhoods or clothing stores. Do the research and figure out what is worth your time.

However, see what you like and make plans. Just here to offer suggestions to make your stay enjoyable. You obviously can’t do everything suggested here anyways.

Yeah. There is so much to do here. I might be available to hit up a club with you, but drinks are on you, of course. Since you already hit up Brooklyn before, I definitely recommend chilling in Manhattan this time around.

You’ll probably enjoy just walking around different neighborhoods such as Upper East Side, Greenwich, East Village, and as recommended?SoHo.

There’s a hostel in Bushwick that’s not too bad. It’s loft spaces converted into a hostel. It’s filled with a lot of hipsters and foreigners’ who like to drink. It’s cheap and there is no curfew. It’s called The New York Loft Hostel. I actually stayed there for a week and had a good time. It’s pretty close to the L train.

alright, thanks for the info. It turns out my friend and her sis rent a apartment not to far off of NYC so they said they would show me around if they go back in time for my trip. I thank everyone who gave me advice ^^

There’s this arcade in Chinatown… Go there on Friday, nothing but scrubs.

smells terrible…fuck that place

Try Shake Shack and some Chinatown food before you leave.

One thing to note about Webster Hall. Do not wear jeans/sneakers. You will not get in! Second, Webster Hall is definitely not what it used to be back in the days. It’s nothing more than a gathering of "E"cstatic youngsters whom are “high” on life in general and cockblocking fools who’ll beat you down if you just happen to make small talk with some female there. Even if it’s not their girl cuz apparently “they” saw them first.

Times Square is best at night and it’s for a reason. That’s the easiest and basically the best place to get your game going.

Do your research and look up Tapas bars. There’s hundreds of them all over the city. They’re awesome places to meet folks.

ummm…thats all i wear is jeans and sneakers…or shorts and sneakers lol…why wouldn’t they let me in o.0?

Before you come, bring some nice pants/khakis, belt, dress shoes and preferably a nice slim fitted dress shirt. If you want to hit up most clubs, this will get you in.

I have a really nice pair of dark jeans and button down shirt, don’t have any dress shoes though v_v;. Gonna have to pick me up a pair somewhere. I think i might have to do some shopping before i go to any club ><.

most overrated city in the world

CA don’t get mad. Y’all got Toronto and BC. I’m actually goin’ there on Sat too.

thats the thing…when i was there, i was just like wtf did i waste my time coming here for, i can do everything here in toronto. all the tourist sites sucked, the pizza was average, chinatown was nothing special, i really felt like i had nothing to do…like i went to dave and busters the one night…wtf.

Haha man Visiting here and LIVING HERE are too completely different things. But did you go to Sout Street, Interpid, Museum of Natural History? Did you just stay in 1 bourough?

Did someone just say NY pizza was average? Lemme guess you went to Sbarro or something. LOL.

Anyways to the OP. Sure hit up CTF but only once, NY has waay too many things to do to be spending most of your time at the arcade.

Clubbing / bar hopping I would suggest going to Lower East Side and hopping around. There are plenty of people, much more lax door policies, sneakers and jeans welcomed, and most places do not have an admission fee. If you want to hit up nicer spots go to Chelsea / Meat Packing for clubbing. But be fore warned the door policies at these places are much stricter and would mostly only let doods in with girls or some type of bottle service. But if you want to experience the current “epitome” of clubbing, this would be the area to be at (I miss the old days of clubbing in the city but those days are dead).

Soho is awesome, great place for shopping energy and actually clean compared to Chinatown which it borders. Def go to soho and take in the atmosphere. If you got the duckets do some shopping in this area.

Hit up Chinatown for cheap eats and decent chinese food. The best chinese food is def in Flushing Queens but that’s a bit of a trek if you are staying in Manhattan.

Also hit up St. Marks / East village for cheap eats and other asian food. In fact per square area I would go here for food. Plenty of different things to choose from and at decent prices. East Village also has a good atmospheric scene that shows off how awesome NY can be.

I would avoid Time Square cause its very commercial, but I think everyone should go there at least once.

Hit up any of the museum NY has to offer they are all pretty awesome. Check out some of Central Park because the weather has been awesome. Go to a Mets or Yankee game because NY actually cares about baseball and you’ll be in a good atmosphere regardless which team you go see.

If you want the best Pizza (by Pie) stop into Dumbo Brooklyn for Grimaldis. Just be prepare to wait on a long ass line. Dumbo also has a few great things to walk around and check out. If you want to stay in the city there are a few other pizza places to check such as Lombardi’s (by chinatown, little italy soho). I also like Posto’s on 2nd ave, and my friends always tell me about Artichoke (not sure where it is). Most places have good pizza stay away from the chain pizza places though.

Take the Staten Island Ferry to staten and back. Good little trip to take pictures of the city.

There’s a lot to do, lots to eat and drink in NY. Trust me you can do a lot in 1 week and you still haven’t experience enough here.

i stayed in chinatown, that was the most interesting part of the trip and seeing “Monk’s” from sienfeld. I was only there for a long weekend, so like 3 days, but that was more than enough time for me. It’s just a big hype fest to me, people from nyc will go on and on about how it’s so great, but when you actually go there it’s nothing special (and the pizza is the biggest example of this…it’s really nothing special, but oh…it must be cause i went to the wrong place…haha). i’ve been to much better cities in the states, let alone canada or other parts of the world.

oh yeah, i did go see a yankees/mets game at the old stadium. It was alright i guess…but it’s baseball, which sucks. and if i want to see a bunch of drunk morons getting drunk and thrown out of the stadium for fighting i can just go to the blue jays opening day, or the country bar in my hometown. i went to msg, but nothing really was good on some uni graduation or soemthing, i tried to sneak in and walk around the rink and stuff, but that wasn’t happening.