Visiting Osaka in April. Any advice?


Hey All,
I’m visiting Japan (Osaka) for the first time in April for a friend’s marriage. Any recommendations on places to visit/see? I’d also like to visit some arcades in Osaka and play some fighters, which means I’ll need to practice my butt off. Anyone have any recommendations on popular fighters over there that I can practice here in the states? I’m a big fan of the KOF series, so I’m hoping that they’re still somewhat popular. Arigato!


Near Shin Osaka station, there is an arcade near the large Ferris wheel across the KFC. I was there Jan 2010. if you are north of the river but south of Shin Osaka station there is an elevated high way that goes east west. to the north of this highway, there is a rather large complex of restaurants that is under a canopy and there is a Club Sega there. Stay north of the this elevated highway, south of it, it gets pretty sketchy. If you look o google maps, this general canopied area is highlighted in pink. Kyoto is a short 40 minute ride away and there arcades there also but i did not check those out.

hope this helps


Thanks! Did you happen to notice what the popular fighters were?


Visit the Osaka castle. It is pretty much Ryu’s stage from SF2. Also eat takoyaki.

I think versus city has an arcade locator for Japan that might be worth checking out too

Edit: Also, Osaka is about 45 minutes away from Kyoto which is home of A-cho, one of the most famous fighting game arcades in Japan.


Avoid Japan at all costs.


I stayed in Osaka just to make a daily commute to the aaaaar more interesting/historic city of kyoto. Osaka is good for eating and the castle. they also have a ramen museum. not much else to be honest, imho

Visit the Osaka castle! I wouldn;t pay for it though to take the tour up to the top. I did and it didnt seem worth it. You get better views from the castle grounds. The castle is surrounded by two moats if i remember. They arent filled with water though and there is trash in it haha


I liked the Osaka Aquarium :looney:


Check out the Osaka thread in world matchmaking if you haven’t already. There might well be a SRK expat community there. We get SRK visitors in Beijing pretty often.


Umeda in Osaka is a good place to get started. Arcades there aren’t really tailored to fighting games but they’ll have sf4 and tekken machines. Sega Avion in Nanba is really nice though.

I would take the advice head toward Kyoto though. A-cho is an awesome arcade that charges only 50 yen per play. Exit 10 out of Kawaramachi exit off the Hankyuu line basically puts you at the front door. And if you get bored there late night, just walk toward Kawaramachi, Giyamachi, or Gion and you’ll find plenty of things to do. The Osaka scene has plenty of pubs/clubs, but not much else.

If you have time, you can check out sannomiya sanx in Kobe, which is also 45 min from Osaka.


Great idea! Maybe I’ll get to play against some fellow SRK while in Osaka!