Visiting Portland, OR Downtown

I’ll be in Portland from the 5/28 - 6/2. I’ll be busy most of the time at a conference. I wanna get in some games with the locals if possible.

I play 3s, CvS2, and dabble in MvC2.

I’m taking money matches in 3s and CvS2.

Im down, name your stakes for 3S. we dont have CVS2 here though.

I’ll play for 5-20 bucks. Nothing higher than that per set. Anyway, I just wanted to know where you guys played and if you guys wanted to get together for a session during my stay.

Will you be busy that Saturday? If you’re free you should come to the tournament. Check out the Tilt Tournament thread.

FatBear: I’m not free until after 8 pm that night… :frowning:

fatbear, mackenzie, andrew –

good games in 3s and cvs2 :encore:

good games.
sorry that i couldnt game longer; maybe youll be available friday and/or saturday night?
this is andrew.

Maybe you’ll stop being such a pansy.

sleep is no longer just for the weak but for andrew as well!

indeed good games, though next time we play i’ll be better than the last and then we can get post tourney pho!!!11

you guys are weak for talking so much trash online. i could mash you both up… at pokemon.

have fun james~ I am there in spirit…lol

Maybe you’ll stop abusing 2p glitch constantly