Visiting Seattle on Tuesday (6/19/07)

ajs_ (Andrew) and I plan on going to Linnwood this coming Tuesday. We’ll be meeting with Yosuke and probably Femto as well.

It’s sort of a Summer Farewell Party for Yosuke, who will be going to Evo North and then straight to Japan for a couple of months before he returns to the US for Evo World.

We’re wondering if anyone else is interested in some VF5 action, probably for a good chunk of the day. We do have some private dinner plans, but a little after that, we can probably kickstart an all-out all-night session.

So… there will be a daytime session probably unless ajs_ and I are late. But I think for sure, there will be a night time session around 9 or so.

We’ll probably have some time on Wednesday morning and early afternoon before we head back to Portland.

Where we’re playing (Edmonds Community College), there’s only one television and we’ll be setting up VF5 there. However, if anyone wants to bring a monitor/TV and consoles for other stations, that would be sweet. A PC setup for MAME and what not would be excellent as well.

Whatever the turnout, I am really looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday! I also want to thank Yosuke for hosting ajs_ and myself.


I was gonna call or post at VFDC but I’m down for this. I have Physical Therapy around 2-2:30ish(?) for an hour but I’m soooooooooo down after that. I’ll call you tonight.

Don’t work 'till 2pm on Wed.

Directions/Time to show up?

4pm 'till late tonight(?)

Edmunds Community College Lynnwood, Washington

Game/Social Room

Check your PMs

It’s been pushed back too 7pm-ish

Since the boys are doing “day-on-the-town” type thing for Yosuke.

Any questions feel free to call me or post up. Googlemap/Mapquest Edmunds College Lynnwood, Washington.

Kinda doubt this is going to happen tonight tho’…

I’ve sent JALbert and DaWolf PMs w/my # so hit those fools up if you want it.

EDIT - just read the OP post better. Says around 9 so umm yeah…

I’ll be at a friends and I’ll see if I can use their PC before I leave.

DaWolf - bummer you can’t make it, but buisness doesn’t take care of itself so it’s all good.

We just started the session (7pm) and we’ll be going ALL NIGHT.

Mainly playing VF5, ST, and KOF 98. If you have sticks, please bring them, especially with USB adapters.

You can use the following address to get directions to the place:

19705 68th Ave W
Lynnwood, Wa 98036

The name of the apartment complex is Somerset Village (I think). The building we are in is the first building as you enter the lot, it will be on your left. The back of the building faces the road, but you can park behind it.

You can call me (Chanchai/Nick) at XXXXXX


You all missing out!

Wanted to say Thank You to Yosuke for hosting myself, ajs_, and Femto over on his campus on Tuesday and Wednesday!

The Korean restaurant you took us to was excellent! And you can’t go wrong with Cold Stone either :slight_smile:

Of course, a huge thanks for all of the VF5 sessions. As usual, we came away with a strong idea of what we should work on.

Yosuke, hope you have a good flight to Chicago today and a good flight back to Japan next week as well. HAVE FUN IN CHICAGO!