Visiting Seattle, WA. Any people in WA that play CVS2 and where?


Are there any people in the near or within the Seattle area that play CVS2? if so please tell me where so I can get in on the action. Thanks.




Call out to LTB or Mandel. Both of them are entirely down with CvS2. Me? no as much.


Not a lot of CvS2 being repped up here, though we do have our handful of fanatics. They’re the minority and get kinda ruled out by the Marvel/ST and even 3s fans up here, moreso. Add Mickey D to that list, I know he’s a big CvS2head.


are there any arcades in seattle or else where that have cvs2 and where do those people you mentioned play?


Nnnnope. CvS2 doesn’t have a scene up here anymore (if you ask me) so nobody regularly plays it anywhere. If enough people were down for it, there’s a few people who’d be willing to host a get-together. By the way all our arcades suck (well, to elaborate they’re all fucking GONE :mad: except gameworks) so get-togethers are our main way of playing shit. Gameworks is the only arcade and it just has MvC2 and 3s… and T5 but I don’t think it’s DR (correct me if I’m wrong).


I would get down in some CvS2.


There is a cvs2 machine at funtasia in edmonds (confirmed it over the phone not in person), unless there is another place.


No DR @ GW… If they had CvS2 I"d play. Sho’nuff.


Last time I was there, Gametown in Seatac had CvS2

along with ST and Marvel


CVS2 at funtasia is completely broken. I don’t mean that in the subjective I can’t play worth shit kinda way. I mean it in the “the stick is sunk into the cab and is barely manipulatable kinda way”. Same for the marvel cab.

Man, come to think of it, if funtasia gave a shit, we would have a decent fighting game scene in edmonds. Sigh.


Funtasia was tight back in 96.


I can’t believe Funtasia is still around. I remember the last time I was there, my cousin Jenell was in one of those go kart races. And she was winning but there was this grown ass White dude that had to have been in his thirties that was hella serious about the race. Whenever he’d pass her, he’d like look back at her and smirk. He even ended up losing the race to her too. Fucking nasty.


Hahaha, I wish funtasia cared. I live riiight by it.


Ahhh, Trashtasia.


CvS2 cab in Puyallup.


Damn the only time I see people going to Puyallup is for the fucking Puyallup Fair. Is there even anything to do out there beside that?




One at the Commons in Fed-Way too. Least last time I was there they had one (probably early july-ish was when I went, before I moved)

It was really nice when I played on it.

They got 2 Marvel caps there too.
2 T5:DR cabs.
Some other stuff like Guilty Gear ( I think just #r)

It’s worth going to, I think. Well, worth going to if they still have the above mentioned.