Visiting Southern Cali... looking for sf4


I’ll be visiting SoCal, Azusa next week from Monday-Friday. Any SF4 gatherings/arcades I can drop into for some competition?

Btw I play dictator!


nope, no arcades in socal


i recommend Arcade Infinity


super is a close good arcade, just catch grand ave. south all the way to the intersection of temple/grand. usually busy on week day afternoons.


Arcade Infinity


Thanks. When is the best time to go to Arcade Infinity during the week?


Usually Fridays and Saturdays


mmm what about Tuesday-Thursday? Are there people in the afternoons/evenings?


around 6-7 ish good people show up till it closes
before that its rare to find decent comp outside of the day crew
usually people who play ALL DAY play at video94 for a few hours , go to AI till it closes, and then video94 till they’re tired of it
it helps that video is like 5 minutes away from AI


thanks. Later today in the evening it is!