Visiting Tokyo... Best Arcades?

I will be visiting Tokyo for TGS/SBO weekend and I was wondering if any former travelers or anyone currently in Tokyo could tell me the names and locations of the better arcades to hit up. I’m expecting some SBO fever going on. Also, if anyone knows of any various gaming/nerd points of interests, that’ll be cool too.

-Hey Hirose in Akihabara (orange sign with white letters “HEY” on the main strip)

-Big Box in Takadanobaba (one stop on the Yamanote line away from Shinjuku, IIRC)…definitely be here the Friday night before SBO for the Ayano Cup

-Game Versus in Arakawa (north side of Tokyo)

Amongst so many awesome things to see and do, you should also check out Super Potato in Akihabara. It’s a storehouse of all sorts of console and vintage gaming goodness, including some of the rarest titles you’ll ever hope to see. It’s back in an alley that runs parallel right behind the main drag of Aki (behind Hey, and further down the road a bit).

Hit up CocoIchibanya for some great curry, bring plenty of change for all of the vending machines and arcades, and make sure you have a full battery for your camera!

really depends on what game you play

Here’s an arcade index.

Wow this is great! Would be cool if it covered all of Japan but this is just wishful thinking. :wink:

If you’re a good street fighter player try Game Safari in Ikebukuro. 50yen a game and solid opponents.

Wow… thanks for the tips and great link. There was some CC interview with Fuudo where they stated he and Daigo play at some arcade in Shinjuku but the exact name isn’t listed on the MMCafe guide. Guess I’m gonna have to hit them all up. I’m really only interested in AE but I suck anyways so it’s mainly just to have fun but I can easily see myself spending my entire week in arcades.

Anyone on the forums attending? You can purchase advance sale tickets now… it would be cool if we could get a SRK meet-up.


I’m currently in Tokyo mainly for vacation purposes but I kinda like to spend the time in arcades when I get bored :wink: .
Add me on facebook if you want :

I’m going to miss SBO but I’m planing to go to the game show and hit arcades around town on the 18th to 19th so it would be cool to have some people to hang out with. Send me a pm for my email if anyone is interested. It would be nice to get a session going when I’m there with some fellow forigeners or locals.

I think you should consider going to Shinjuku Taito Gameworld on the 19th since there is like a Daigo special event. (!/daigothebeast/status/110758568394887168
I think I’ll be there.

That sounds really cool. I have a good feeling people like Mike Ross and other SBO players might attend. I’ll be sure to go there too. If you go I’ll give you a call skipjack. You have a phone?

In the latest Cross Counter video Mike says that he won’t be able to attend, but every other player from SBO is invited to play there so I’m quite positive that the level of play will be very high :wink:
I do have a phone, but it doesn’t work in Japan :confused:

Ah that’s too bad. Mike is one of the top players I haven’t met in person yet. Guess it might be hard to get in touch with you if you don’t have a phone. I’m sure I’ll see you there though unless it gets really crowded.

Alright! I’m the 6.2 feet non-asian guy :smiley:

All right, sounds good. I’ll be the other 6 foot non asian guy lol