Visitor from Australia looking for accommodation

Hi guys i am a SSF4 player from Australia and i will be attending EVO this year and i will be staying with a few other Aussies in vegas until Tuesday the 13th of July after that the other Australians are going back home but i am staying in the USA until the 23rd of July so after EVO i am looking to stay in LA until the 23rd of July until i go back home.

I plan to stay in LA to check out the SSF4 scene there and im wondering whats the exact area in LA where the top players meet up, i would like to stay somewhere near there. I dont have too much money so im looking for something cheaper, If anyone knows a cheap hotel that i can stay at or someone place that i could crash at for a decent price for the 8 days, I’d appreciate it, thanks!

Check the sticky:

Those currently are the hotspots for SoCal SF.

Check the sticky:

Those currently are the hotspots for SoCal SF.

nice double post Alex… as for places to stay, you should check for the areas you might be near for places to stay or check cheaper motels in the area that have weekly rates.

Hey Alex, while i was asking my friend in LA about a good spot to stay to be around SSF4 scene, he told me all these places are very far from eachother so it’s better to just stick to 1 place and stay there instead of trying to go to all different ones since they are far away and i won’t have a car, out of all those locations which place would be the best suited for me to stay around to get competition on most days and also having good public transport near by, Thanks.


Socal being the place it is, it’s really hard to get around without a car. However, if you do decide to pick a place that’s somewhat near the center of everything (which would probably be around LA area, since it’s in the middle of the Orange County and the Valley areas), you could probably get a ride to the events if you asked around to all of the events, if you want to check out each and every venue.

However, my personal recommendation is for you to stay in the Orange County area, if you’re a competitive level player. The OC is where most of the events happen, and the OC players are the ones that usually drive (even if it’s a little far away) to get to various events happening all over California, so you’ll be able to catch a ride with them most easily. They’re all friendly, helpful people, so they most likely won’t be hesitant in giving you rides.

Public transportation, I suggest that you give up on that. Definitely not a good idea to get around to places, unless you’re moving around within the county.

And as Andrew Strife suggested above, check on for places to stay. Usually people have one- or two-week sublets to apartments for not too hefty of a price.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the shoutouts to the OC and to me, Lainy. Orange County does have quite a few events or if you do decide to stay at a place where theres pretty good competition, somewhere near Rowland Heights where the famous Arcade Infinity might be a good place. Orange County is probably the best recommendation though like around the city of Santa Ana or Orange.