Vism Karin A3

I threw together another video. Here: [media=youtube]qxQzzu40ark[/media].

This is for SFA3 980904 (arcade). They demonstrate some command throw traps for V-Karin and also some corner (near corner) tech-trapping VC’s.

  • In the First segment Karin holds up and toward right after the rekka slide and performs a jumping MK which whiffs. Then immediately does a c.LK on the ground. The c.LK must be blocked pressing down and left in this segment so it’s rather ambiguous. The reason it’s ambiguous is because the j.MK would have hit from the other side, so the opponent would need to block the j.MK the opposite direction (in that case, pressing right)

After landing the c.LK Karin does the same b&b combo and then holds toward for fraction of a second after the slide before jumping, then performs the same j.MK, only this time it came late so the j.MK doesn’t whiff. This j.MK must be blocked by pushing back (in the video it’s left), which again is ambiguous because Karin could have whiffed the kick again and gone for the low hit.

After landing the j.MK Karin does the same b&b again only this time immediately jumps, whiffs the j.MK, lands and performs a command throw on the ground. That ends the first segment.

This is Karin’s high/low/throw game that she can perform off her midscreen b&b, much the same way Sakura does with her midscreen DP.

  • In the Second segment we start with the same b&b and the j.MK is blocked correctly, but immediately on landing Karin activates, and then immediately performs a command throw as the freeze ends which grabs the opponent out of blockstun. The command throw was buffered during the screen freeze and literally started right as the screen unfroze which allowed Karin to grab the opponent out of blockstun. Karin then does a basic corner VC and techtraps the opponent using j.LP. Karin’s opponent tries to tech backwards and airblock but gets guard broken by the j.LP.

  • In the Third segment we have the same b&b again, and again the j.MK is blocked, and then Karin lands and does a c.LP, then immediately activates the first frame she is able to after the c.LP. The opponent was holding up+back to try and escape any command throw. The opponent is actually still in blockstun during the first frame of activation startup, but then right as the screen freeze occurs the opponents transitions into the pre-jump animation which you can see here and here.

The interesting thing about this is that the freeze traps the opponent in pre-jump animation, but Karin is still about to command throw the opponent which suggests that V-ism is able to commandgrab any opponent that is within the range of the throw hitbox during any state (hit/block/pre-jump/knockdown/etc) as long as they are on the ground.

Karin continues with the same corner VC and the opponent tries to tech forward then block in the air, and gets guard broken by the j.LP.

  • In the Fouth segment we have the same b&b once again and the opponent tries to low block the expected c.LK, but Karin did a late j.MK instead which hits. Karin then immediately activates on landing and commandgrabs the opponent out of hitstun. This demonstrates how the setup is more or less an option-select. If the opponent blocks or is hit they will still get grabbed after the screenfreeze.

The opponent does not try to flip the techtrap setup and Karin performs enough CC j.HK to rebuild 50% meter, air activates, air grabs, then OTG command grabs the opponent just fast enough to cancel the command grab into a rekka and finish the opponent off. Technically this was unnecessary though – Karin could have reactivated in the air and continued with several more CC j.HK until the opponent was low enough life to kill with just the air throw.

  • In the Fifth segment we have the same b&b and this time Karin whiffs the j.MK and immediately activates on the ground. Then performs a command throw against the blocking opponent. The opponent was technically still frozen from the screen freeze which made the command throw inescapable after the activation flash.

The opponent tries to neutral tech the j.LP tech trap and gets guard broken again.

  • In the Sixth segment we start with the same b&b and Karin once again whiffs the j.MK and then immediately performs a punch throw on landing, then activates and performs an OTG commandthrow. This setup only worked because the opponent did not tech the throw. If the opponent had used grap-defense/throw-tech then they would have popped into the air making the OTG impossible. Fortunately it’s sorta hit-confirmable since you can visually see whether the opponent teched or not.

The opponent tries to back-tech “late” by manually inputting the tech later than the hit occurs, but is still guard broken by Karin’s j.LP.

– The ground punch throw into OTG is but one of many many OTG setups Karin has. She actually has about eight or nine that I can think of which you can see [media=youtube]xZCdukca-tE[/media].

luv this thread. now that A3 is on GGPO, i plan to learn v-karin. i can read and watch all i want but still wondering if there are any v-karin users on GGPO that are willing to give me some time to tutor?

i’ve only got a gamepad now (which is frustrating me in A3) but planning to upgrade to stick sometime in the future.

edit: i’ll stick to offline training. with this gamepad it is near impossible to do some of her b&b combos. gonna wait till i get at stick :frowning:

i’d also like to learn karin.

what str rekkas to use in a combo ? poke string?

I find hard to do --> air throw, land, VC2, 360 grab. I cant find the right timing since when i try to grab my opp, it doesnt grab it. what im I doing wrong?

Whooooa, cool.